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November 11, 2005

The Blue Lagoon, Part Deux

But you already went to the Blue Lagoon, why write about it again?

Perhaps because this time we left the kiddies at home! Yes, you have that correct, Pete and Jen went on a 'daytime' date, if you will. Today was Veteran's Day, thus the Embassy was closed. Now that Pete is actually home for federal holidays, we can plan to do something on them once in a while!

So, the weekend before the aforementioned date, we both realized that BOTH kids would be in school on Friday! You have never seen such a Happy Dance. Truly, we love our kids, but find that absence does make the heart grow fonder.

And a floating massage makes the back hurt less. Oh, yes, I had been needing a massage for months. Pete called and booked me with Inka at 11:30 a.m. We had to be there by 10:45 in order for my muscles to be appropriately 'relaxed' but realized this was not a bad thing.

NO ONE else was there! It was absolutely surreal and simply gorgeous. The mist rose from the water and you could see nothing but water and the surrounding lava rocks. No people (okay, unless you looked inside) , no noise, no pollution. Did I mention it was also about 30 degrees?

I could barely move after my floating massage, and trust me, that is a compliment to the massage therapist. She pushed more stress out of my legs than I knew existed! It did take a few moments to adjust to the sensation of floating while having a massage. There was the constant feeling of needing to grab onto something for about the first five minutes. Once she really got going, though, I start drifting off and it was pure heaven!

For those of you planning to visit and wary of the 'floating' part, you need not worry. You could simply sign up for a back massage which is done on a table in the water. It isn't quite as long, but I imagine still will leave you rested and refreshed!


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