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5 posts from April 2006

April 29, 2006

Put Away the Coppertone

cause winter is back.  Yep, the tank tops can go back on the shelf (or under several layers of clothing) as it was back to being pretty darn cold today.  Oh, and more fun, pouring rain.  Even better?  We had a playdate at the zoo today and realized a few minutes before no way to get in touch with the person we were meeting tp see if they wanted to wait for a warmer day.

So, we went to the Reykjavik Family Park & Zoo and sure enough, our friend was waiting in the cafe.  What happened next?  Well, there were some Little Tikes like play houses outside, so Kelsey, Caitlin and K., our friend's daughter, spent the next hour running around outside in the pouring rain...and loving every minute of it.

Once their hands were sufficiently numb and their clothes sopping wet, we figured they were ready to go.  Not a chance!  Caitlin insisted that we walk around the entire park before we could go.  So we went to the giant pirate ship and the three once again played happily for about 30 minutes.  Finally, the freezing parents convinced the girls it was time to go with a promise of lunch.  This was not before they played in wet stones, hurtled down slippery slides and in general, romped around like it was 70 degrees out, which by the way, is now swelteringly warm for us.

Yes, my children will soon be mistaken for Icelandic kids!  Okay, except for the hair....

NOTE:  I finally got around to putting up the Easter photos.  I will label soon, but for now, the first is of the way too much candy in their baskets. The next batch is of an egg hunt at the home of Berta, Caitlin's school administrator.  She had us over for a lovely brunch along with another English/Icelandic family.  Last but not least are two photos of the egg hunt Cait conducted in our front yard. 

April 28, 2006

It's Here!

Sumar (summer) that is!  Yes, it is, like, 47 degrees F outside!  Kelsey not only went to school wearing only her fleece, but wore it for outdoor play time!  Don't worry, she still wore her snow pants, as otherwise her regular pants would be destroyed.  However, in theory, she could have gotten away with just her fleece pants and rainboots rather than snow.

So, to celebrate, we will spend the evening at the Arbaejarlaug  pool with Caitlin's friend  Katherina and her mom.  Unlike other pools in the area, it is actually half indoors.  As some of attentive readers may recall, it is also of "The Puffin Out Front Should Have Told You" fame.   We are quite confident it will be open tonight and  may even later report crazy sightings of  Caitlin on the water slide or Kelsey, gasp, wearing her goggles!

Also, check out the Easter photos!  No captions yet, but if I write them, they will appear.

April 25, 2006

Summer in the City

Or NOT!  The first day of summer in Iceland was celebrated last Thursday, and frankly, well, not sure what it means.  One commentator wrote that it meant that the snow would no longer stick.

Guess what?  Yep, it snowed twice yesterday and it stayed on the ground (both times)  for several hours.  So, to those who might visit soon?  Bring the light jacket, something slightly heavier, gloves, a hat and a scarf.  I am beginning to think we won't see a 'real' summer (above 70 F) til we head to the U.S. in July!

April 17, 2006

I love to travel, really,

Img_0077 but I have to say that I am so happy to not have to get near a plane again until July!  The past few trips to the States have been difficult emotionally and physically, and I am quite relieved to have the opportunity to stay put for a while.

This is not to disparage the States, but between the jet lag and Icelandair's God-awful, uncomfortable seats, and that we will have another shipment arrive soon, well...  Now that I am back and somewhat rested, quite a few "thank yous" are in order!

To Shannon, Mark, Sandy, Bailey:  Thank you for picking us up at the airport, letting us crash twice at your place, dropping us off at the airport, watching our cat, making me coffee in the a.m. (when I had no idea what day or time it was!) and generally just being so helpful and such good sports.

To Sharon:  For hosting an impromptu family get-together the night before you left for Disneyworld!!  It was great to see everyone, and the kids just loved the gifts from you, Aunt Gina & Uncle Ted, and Uncle Joe & Auntie Pat.  Oh, and of course, Kelsey loved playing with your menagerie!

To Aunt Kathy, Uncle John & Jeff:  For having us over for a lovely dinner and giving Kelsey such a great puzzle!  She had such a great time playing with it all week and everyone thought it was the coolest toy.  Also, thank you so much for helping out at the yard sale and bailing me out when I had no house key.  And, yes,  Caitlin loves the origami!

To Uncle Joe & Auntie Pat:  It was great to see you again and have such a nice, relaxed conversation.  Kelsey loved all of her treats and I know she can't wait to come back to see you again this summer.  Caitlin, on the other hand, was deeply disappointed to miss all of these family dinners and can't wait to come over for the first time!

To the Rowley Family & our LV friends:  Thank you so much for the party!  We were so happy to see everyone again, especially after 10 days of not-so-fun activities.  Kelsey had so much fun and she was so glad to have quality time with "Sarah Rowley".  And, yes, Alan, you do make the best beer!  And Peter just loooves my new Weekenders wardrobe....

To Anne, Gillian & Audrey:  Thank you for a wonderful playdate and relaxing dinner.  It was so nice to just 'hang-out' and Kelsey was so happy to see Audrey again!  Good luck with everything!

Well, I think that covers the list, but feel free to comment if not.  We will be back in July & August for several weeks and hope to see all of you once again!

Oh, and I couldn't not include a photo of Kelsey walking Sandy (who can't believe that "baby" is so tall!).

April 07, 2006

Kelsey & Her Friends

Img_0075 We came to the States with just Bitty Twin (A.K.A. cutie-pie) and have since 'adopted' two more friends.  It was hard to say no to "Buddy" the dog she found at LL Bean, especially since I knew (at the time) that the upcoming week would be hectic and not a terribly huge amount of fun.

The most recent addition to the crew is a fluffy "puppy" that was given to her by a very generous Freecycler.  Elaine, a delightful grandmotherly type, came over to pick up a few items and after discovering the reason behind the Freesale, stayed to help straighten and organize the remaining items.  She also came over today to help and even helped sweep up.  She may even have a home for the few 'remainders' that exist at the condo.

So, tonight at the hotel Kelsey tucked in her cutie-pie, Buddy and new puppy under a blanket that I believe was mine many years ago.  And, much to her chagrin, I just had to preserve the moment....