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May 11, 2007

The Little Giant Sleeps

Img_0764The Reykjavik Arts Festival kicked off its annual celebration Thursday night.  In keeping with the tradition of two weeks of exciting art displays, we have already seen a bus stabbed with a knife (on Laekjargata), a car with a tree growing out of it (on Skolvordustigar) and most exciting of all, the Royal de Luxe street theatre group. 

The Royal de Luxe group travels around the world with their larger than life puppets and uses the entire city as its stage.  The Little Girl (sleeping above) spent today roaming the streets of Reykjavik for her father, only to have to finally rest by the sea.  On Saturday, she will take another walk and eventually meet up with him  in the square next to Laekjargata. 

Kelsey was lucky enough to see much more as she was able to watch from the road with her classmates as the Little Giant strolled up Skolavordustigar to take a nap near Hallgrimskirkja. We saw a brief glimpse of her as Cait and I drove home from school and the Little Giant ambled down Skolavordustigar after her nap on the lawn of the church.

You can leisa meira about this group, learn how the puppet is operated and see her path.  Suffice it to say, the streets were packed with people and although it was fabulous, I could not see such a thing happening in many cities in the States.  I definitely recommend, though, should you be lucky enough to travel to an area where they perform.


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