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4 posts from July 2007

July 24, 2007

Ponies, ponies and more ponies!

Img_0069 Well, today was the annual pony swim and apparently, the time for our family to be completely lame and skip the morning part.  I had not slept well the night before and the girls were also quite tired.  Pete wasn't sure when it began or ended and I think the heat was beginning to get to him.

So, we ended up at the hotel pool, with thoughts of watching the ponies trot down Maddox Boulevard (later that afternoon) in our heads.  We enjoyed several hours of the pool (almost) to ourselves.  Feeling ever so slightly guilty that we missed the swim, Peter asked one of the housekeepers how guilty we should feel.

Img_0070 Apparently, not too much.  Despite the fact it is fun, one has to arrive at 4:30 a.m. to get a good spot and endure 7+hours of mud, mosquitoes and kids who desperately have to go potty the minute you arrive.  Not a problem except that there is no bathroom and definitely no privacy (40K plus people).  So, we somehow managed to arrive at the carnival and auction site 20 minutes prior to the ponies arrival.

We saw them march in and the kids were thrilled.  So much so that they admitted several times they did not mind missing the actual swim.  Perhaps when they (well, Kelsey) are older and bladders are stronger, we will try again.  However, we have done almost everything else "Chincoteague pony" this week, if that is possible!

July 23, 2007

An excuse to visit McDonald's?

Img_0063 Yes, we have tried to keep the fast food to a minimum while on the this trip, as we are not big on it in Iceland (home of the 123% more expensive Big Mac).  So, I would say to the kids' delight (except that they almost never ask to go there) we had lunch at Mickey D's today, primarily out of guilt.

The Saltwater Cowboys, who help guide the ponies during the swim, were available for photographs and autographs.  This is the third year McDonald's (conveniently located smack next to the hotel) has sponsored the event and, well, the iced tea was freshly brewed.  So, we waited patiently with the other folks, only had one rude person shove in front of us and saved the cowboys time by just having them pose with  with the girls.  With our luck (and travels yet to come) autographs might not last long.

After lImg_0064unch on the 'veranda', we headed off to purchase necessary beach accoutrement.  Sadly, it was far cheaper to buy than rent and hopefully, we will find a nice family to leave the chairs with when we leave.  After all of that excitement, we had a few hours of sun and fun, one major wipeout for Cait on the boogie board and 3 bad "splashies" for Kelsey and myself.  Apparently, it is much more fun to ride the waves with Dad!  Of course, I was terribly sad to have quiet time to read on the beach in the SUN!  I am still soooo loving the warmth.

We ended up with a trip to Steamer's for dinner.  I had the Steamer (clams, shrimp, crabs & corn) and Cait opted for the kids version of all-you-can-eat snow crab. Yes, Peter and Kelsey ate too (a fried platter and kids clams) but had to leave us be after a while (slow crackers).

I have to say Cait most definitely received our money's worth for what she consumed.  Wish I had a picture, but then the camera would have been destroyed by the salty, spicy Old Bay covering my hands as I enjoyed cracking open those blue crabs.

Oh, and dessert?  Yeah, Mr. Whippy.  Or as Kelsey pointed out, "Mr. Whippy is Mr. Crowded!"  Almost couldn't find a spot, but we persevered.   And now off to bed so we can catch the 5:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m., (oh, well, we'll get there by) 8:00 a.m. shuttle to the pony swim.

July 22, 2007

Mr. Whippy - check!

After having so much fun on our family vacation last year, we realized that we should do the same thing this year...but make it longer!    So, after a mere two hours of driving (and only 5 repetitions of "How much longer??) we arrived safe and sound at the Refuge Inn and will be residing here for the next 10 days.

We have already hit Don's Seafood, Surfside Golf  and, yes, Mr. Whippy!  Our friend Janet just returned from a visit here and she recommends visiting Mr. Whippy nightly.   Sadly, we know of two other good ice cream parlors, so we may not be able to keep to that mandate.  However, on the other hand, Mr. Whippy is 97% fat-free and has blue raspberry slushes, so he sure makes a good case.

We don't have an exact itinerary hammered out just yet (hence the term: vacation), but will definitely partake in the watching of the annual pony swim/penning/auction on Wednesday.  Oh, and the Firemen's Carnival?  Not a chance we would miss it! 

Look for photos soon, now that we have a camera again.

July 09, 2007

Yep, we're still here

just quietly enjoying our R&R.  The girls and I left Iceland on June 19th and are now happily enjoying the third leg of our trip.  Since landing at BWI, we have been to Edgewater (near Annapolis), Toledo and now Memphis.

While I seem to have caught every virus that has come my way, the girls have miraculously remained quite healthy and have yet to get a sunburn.  In fact, the weather has been remarkably cool here, hovering in the mid-80s at night.   Any lower and we would need those jackets we left in 'storage' in Edgewater (thanks, Shannon!)!

Now, apparently the minute we left Iceland the mercury started rising and Reykjavik has enjoyed "fabulous" weather for almost two weeks.  Bah!  That is fine with me, as not only are we enjoying much warmer climates (we actually get in the pool to cool off) but I had also come to the end of my rope with Icelandic prices.  Lest I digress on that topic yet again, let's move to something more fun.

Okay, still ruminating, but do expect more frequent updates soon.  I spent the first few weeks in the U.S. worrying the next year to death (many, way too many decisions coming up) and this really cut down on my desire to write, lest I bore everyone to tears with nothing but drivel.

Oh, and if you are anywhere in the Eastern U.S. and enjoying this fine weather, then what the heck are you doing inside?  Go outside already and enjoy the weather we miss so much 83% of the year!

*NOTE*  When I say 'we', I mean the three of us.  St. Peter (for putting up with the extremely lonely cat and guinea pig), still has another 9 days in Reyjavik (but he's not counting!).