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5 posts from August 2007

August 28, 2007

Day Two and Beyond

Day two of kindergarten was no less impressive than day one.  Kelsey was so excited about school and singing that she volunteered to sing the Itsy-Bitsy Spider for the entire class (by herself).  If I figure out where the fabulous self-confidence is coming from, I promise to market the secret.

She sang the song in a loud, clear voice for her 10 classmates and teacher.  Much to her happiness, the spider topic continued for a bit although now they are also discussing insects.

"Insects have 6 legs, spiders have 8 legs!  Not 10 or 7, but 8!" she adds, just in case I am confused. 
"Spiders are not insects!"

Awesome...but are we still afraid of them?  Will have to get back to you on that one.

In other news, Caitlin is adjusting well to 4th grade and a school greatly increased in size.  She is starting piano again this year, but will take a hiatus from swimming (except for pleasure).  She continues to read voraciously and we pray her newest Harry Potter lasts a few more days...but, not likely.    

August 25, 2007

LazyTown Run 2007

Here is a short video of Kelsey and Jen in the 2007 LazyTown Run.  Just click on the play button to view it!    

August 23, 2007

Kindergarten, Here I Come!

Img_0121 Watch out world, Kelsey D. started kindergarten today!  She had about the best day a new elementary school student could have.  She was excited from the minute she woke up (okay, jumping up and down excited yesterday) and was upbeat and happy the entire day.  From helping her teacher Kirsten lead the class in a song to speaking (on command, no less) in Icelandic with the computer teacher, it was just a darn good day.

I don't know if it was because she spent the past few afternoons at school while I worked, and thus was used to the environment, but everything just clicked for her.  I just don't remember being that psyched about my first day of school.  Nervous, yes, clingy, yes, estatic...not quite. 


Due to a snafu in the 'taxi' schedule, I ended up driving the girls to school.  Not only could Kelsey not wait to hop in the car, but as she gave me a kiss, she said, "This is going to be a good first day of school!"  And it was!

August 18, 2007

Jen & the Marathon

Img_0106 Jen, B. and H. 'ready to run'

Tonight is Culture Night or Menningarnótt in Iceland. It occurs on the 3rd Saturday of August and begins with a marathon, cultural events run throughout the day and it ends with a grand fireworks display.  The marathon is 42 K and then offers 'lower' levels for those of us not the traditional running types.

Yes, I know. I have always opted for fast walking, life cycle, swimming, anything but running.  Heck, my motto was "Why run if no one is chasing you?" However, last year while watching the shorter marathons (3 and 10 k), I thought, "Hey, I could do this!"

I remember thinking I could train all year and maybe eke out the 3 kilometer.  I even started running occasionally after my somewhat regularly scheduled workouts.  However, I was slightly derailed this summer from my standard plan and then forgot about it entirely upon our return to Iceland.

My friend, B., reminded me last night and then let me know registration was only until 9 p.m.  Heck, I was already in my jammies and had no intention of going out again.  Then I found out there was also a kids fun run, Lazytown theme, no less.  So, Kelsey and I headed out to sign her up as she has lately shown a great interest in running (although one should know she prefers grass to cement). 

After running into her friend's mother and scheduling a long overdue playdate, I realized I was being silly.  I didn't have to run the whole marathon and I bet many people wouldn't.  Okay, the whole 3 kilometers, not technically the "marathon". 

And we did it!  Despite my lack of preparation, I ran about half the time and feel no worse for the wear.  Later in the afternoon, I ran again (not as properly dressed though) as we realized there was no way Kelsey could do the fun run by herself.  Despite it being billed as an "unaccompanied run" for kids 5 and under, there were just too many people (and strollers!).

She wanted to win, but settled for a medal and a "live" Lazytown show (but not the original cast).  She followed up the run with hours of trampoline jumping and fun with Cailtin and her friend, H., B.'s daughter, over for a pre-birthday sleepover...after all, one has to practice for the, gulp, upcoming slumber party!  Stay tuned....

Home again, home again...for a few more months

After 8 weeks abroad (well, 3 for Pete), we have returned home for the 9.5 (mas o menos) months of our tour.  No, that is not a clue, Spanish still just comes to the brain so much easier than Icelandic (except for Kelsey, of course).  However, I know my readers are biting their nails and wondering, "Where will they go next?!"  This is far more exciting than the unadventurous trip back to Iceland.  We flew, we watched the movie, we skipped the duty-free.

We, too, are wondering and pondering.  With Peter's job, we all know the likelihood is far greater we will go back to the States.  Not that there isn't a slim chance we will head back out, but that all depends on certain mitigating factors.  Not going to bore you anymore with that, but let's just say we will have a better idea in mid-October and hopefully, should know definitively by the time the movers show up.  We won't bet on it, but stranger things have happened.