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November 27, 2007

It's definitely a boy and we've got the pics (and movies) to prove it!

3d_vika_29_7 No, we aren't going to display those 'parts', but everything appears to be as it should be. Not that we didn't believe the genetic testing (it can't lie), but also good to see him moving around.

We visited 9 Manudir in Kopavogur today, a very relaxed, aromatherapy-infusing, non-diagnostic 4-D sonogram facility.  As you can tell Junior is still a little shy, but definitely active.  We came away with 4 videos and 20 photos.  We have displayed the best video, but others will be put up on You Tube soon.

If we all weren't pretty darn excited before, well, this certainly bumped it up a little.  It also helps to  prove to those who believe my 'bump' is still too small that there he is there and doing just fine!

November 21, 2007

Talk Amongst Yourselves

Yes, I am (or was) a little verklempt.  It could be a variety of reasons, the holidays, pregnancy, the lack of a forwarding assignment, pregnancy, too many decisions, pregnancy.  But, no!

Wednesday night was the Harvest Festival at the International School.  It was meant to be an international dinner of sorts, although traditional Thanksgiving dishes were welcomed as it was the start of the Thanksgiving mid-winter holiday break.  My phone vibrated frantically about 4:30 p.m., an hour before we were supposed to leave and amazingly, I noticed and answered it.

It was none other than B., Caitin's teacher, principal, etc., calling to let me know me that Caitlin had offered to play the piano during a pre-dinner musical review.  The review included singing by the K-5th Graders and a few songs by a newly-formed junior high band.

Now, as you may know, Caitlin has started piano again this year.  She is thoroughly enjoying it and was disappointed when she had to stop for a few weeks due to her broken arm.  However, her teacher was able to locate a few songs that she could play with mostly one arm and she only missed four lessons.

Given her past (somewhat) reluctance to perform in front of too many folks, I was surprised and excited by her willingness to play.  She walked up, sat down, played her little heart out and both songs were done quite well given the circumstances.  I was even more struck by the fact that mistakes did not bother her and she did not get flustered once. 

Enjoy the show!


November 20, 2007

Then & Now

Then (last Wednesday in the a.m.):

Now & until Wednesday, November 28, when I get up the nerve to cut the cast off:

Still no swimming, etc., however, most everything else is much, much easier. 

November 18, 2007


Caitlin as her favorite author (click quickly, site updated frequently)!  Yes, should we go back to the States anytime soon, a trip to the Midwest is most definitely going to be necessary.  While she is 'into' Harry Potter, among other subjects, this particular writer and her life, the subject of many books and a popular television series, have long interested Caitlin.

As you can tell, she put a lot of work into not only the costume (any hints of Germanic design are coincidental and not related to spring break '06) and the artwork.  Given that the drawing and painting were done while she really only had use of one arm, I was pretty impressed.  I have a close-up somewhere and will post so you can view all of the extra details.

Now I was never one for presentations (talk about a Nervous Nellie), but ISI is very big on them and has been for years.  Their thought is that if the children start working on presentations and the skills needed for them sooner than say, oh, the already tenuous middle and high school years, they have a better chance of successfully relaying their message when it really counts. 

So far, I would say the theory is working.  Caitlin usually frets a little, but is not scared and has improved greatly.  I think the peer criticism (they all critique each other anonymously) is the hardest part, however, they have all begun to realize they are in the same boat.  Caitlin has learned that they are there to guide her and doesn't worry nearly as much as she did last year. 

And a teaser for tomorrow:  Then & Now...what could that mean??

November 05, 2007

If you were an ISI student on Halloween,

you would have received one of these from a generous benefactor in the Annapolis, MD, area.  This person has become fairly well-known in these parts due to her consistently fabulous efforts to introduce new types of crafts to the children of Reykjavik, particularly those students at ISI.

She has managed to entertain and amaze scads of the young folk without having stepped a foot onto the Island. She has simply proffered up fun and relatively simple pieces that delight for hours.  Rumor has it she is planning a trip, and I daresay if that leaks out, there will be a bevy of eager faces waiting for her at the airport, anxiously anticipating her next crafty move.  She will undoubtedly have to make an appearance at ISI and perhaps could be coerced to show off a design or two?

In other words, thank you (again) Auntie Dr. Shannon for the fabulous handmade Halloween treats. Given that some children had never tasted the candy corn treasure inside, it was truly a unique gift and very much appreciated! 

And the quote of the day?  One especially pleased young lady remarked, "I bet this is from the same lady who made the beautiful fairy headdresses!"