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January 29, 2008

If laughter put one into labor,

our baby would be a week old by now.  The Daily Show apparently visited Iceland last year and made two extraordinarily hilarious videos.  Keep in mind, TDS is known for being tongue-in-cheek and yes, I believe many people here were probably amused. 

Well, we got a good laugh, anyway, at our own expense.  Given the way the reporter dressed for the "press conference", I think we may be glad we did not know they were here at the time (lower embarrassment level).

January 24, 2008

No news is good news, right?

Well, it simply means Junior has not yet made his appearance and has not indicated it will be any time in the next few days.  I have the typical back-aches and such, but unless it is going to be an extraordinarily mild labor, I would say he is happy where he is for now.

On the other hand, a night like tonight (well, for those in more Southerly climes) would be perfect for me to go into labor.  We have another delightful (no, I am not being sarcastic) snowstorm raging.   It has been the strangest winter this year, due to the fact that we are finally experiencing the very winter weather we had hoped for during the past two years.   

Neither 2005 nor 2006 brought the constant snowy cover and (fairly) consistent low temperatures needed to have a true winter.  We do not have inches upon inches, but most everything is covered, including the streets.  And, no, it is not difficult to drive in this weather, one simply has to use common sense.  The days seem to begin earlier than they do and last later into the evening, thanks to the extra reflective power of the piles of snow.

We may not be able to enjoy such a winter next year, hint, hint, so the kids are making the most of it while they can.  Playtime outside after school is far longer than in the years past as, well, so much more enjoyable in snow than rain. 

Of course, now having typed this long missive about the beauty of the storm, the snow showers seem to have tapered off.  Given the past few weeks, at least we have the hope it will last until morning and we can again enjoy stomping our feet through the rug-like piles and sledding during recess (the girls, of course!).

January 16, 2008

Missing something?

Yes, you might have noticed that a post here this morning no longer exists...at least online.  Perhaps it is the additional snow (several more inches!) that has calmed me down.  The sheer beauty and lack of rain and wind has a very soothing effect.

Or perhaps because I finally got a (long-awaited) appointment with Jogvan (last year's X-Factor winner) to have my hair done.  He does a fabulous job with my friend's hair and can't wait to see what he has in store for me next week.

Could it be the medgongujoga (prenatal yoga)?  Granted, not for the weak of heart or leg muscles.  We do real squats in this class, none of the 'sitting on a chair because you are in the third trimester' squats.  Nope, it is a pretty intense class, although we do have soothing music, candles, and end with a nap.

Maybe, just maybe, it is something else.  Maybe if you check back in a week or two, you will have your eyes opened (quite wide)...but I'll say no more...despite the fact that I haven't said anything...and that's all I'm saying.*

Or, if you aren't busy, want to chat, or are simply curious....give us a call!

*Slightly re-worded quotes courtesy of Cosmo & Johnny from Moonstruck

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January 15, 2008

Snow, snow, more snow, and breathing easier!

We were quite jealous of the storm socking the Northeast, however, we woke up to our own winter wonderland this morning, which is continuing to grow.  Given how little we have had this year (and no major storms yet), the snow is so welcome.  So much better than the gale-force windstorms and constant rain that harangued us for fall and early winter.  No idea how much we will get, but I am sure we will have a few fun pictures later today.

Well, much later in the day.  None of that sissy school canceling stuff for our kids.  I know I am going to seriously have to adjust my tolerance when we return to the States.  People who ran to the grocery store to stock up for one snow day used to drive me nuts.  Now I would think they are downright crazy.  Learn how to drive in the snow or stay home, but quit calling snow "bad weather"' and  enjoy the beauty of weather variations...even wind storms can be fascinating (albeit somewhat nerve-wracking when they  knock 25 foot antennas off your roof, a story for another day).


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January 10, 2008

Why can't we do this everywhere in the U.S.?

Recently, I was reading about a town in Maryland that looked into banning plastic bags in grocery stores.  Comments ranged from calling the town "snobby" (because they care about the environment and your health?) to "who on earth would want to drag some stringy bags to the store each time they go?

Oh, the horror.  Oh, the inconvenience.  Having to take a few bags with you to the grocery store to save on the overwhelming overuse of plastic bags everywhere when they are really unnecessary.  While I don't agree with expense of everything here, I do agree with the stores' policy to charge folks 15 ISK (about .25) for each regular plastic grocery store bag they need.  If I forget my bags, I pay for the plastic ones, but only if I really have so much that my hands can't handle. 

I know San Francisco also made the move to selectively ban them a while back and many congrats to them.  However, I did not expect to see this article today.  It is wonderful to see other countries being more proactive and I only wish more folks in the U.S. would quit seeing the 'free' plastic bags as being a right and would look at them as the waterway clogging wasteful non-necessary items they are.

Why is it so wrong or weird to take bags to the store?  Isn't that what our ancestors did and didn't we admire their abilities to be thrifty and conserve?  So we show our thanks by throwing everything into landfills and creating nice dumps for our kids and grandkids to have to deal with someday? 

These days one actually has a decent selection of reusable grocery bags to choose from, if you don't have a million freebie tote bags sitting around the house.  Many can be found at Reusable Bags.  One can pick their 'style' of grocery bag and they also offer smaller bags for produce.  Some bags are so small they can fit in a pocket.  However, all are sturdy and pay for themselves in just a few visits (especially here).  Baskets are also a great investment and can be found at the same site or others, such as The Container Store.

And, yes, we do reuse the bags we buy for actual garbage.  I know many folks who do and don't necessarily fault that.  However, there is also much in the U.S. that is thrown away that could be reused and or recycled and isn't. 

For that reason, I am so grateful Reykjavik also offers Sorpa, a recycling facility that takes everything from paper to unused candle wax.   I wish we had less (in general) to recycle, however, at least it can be done.   Everything  from bathtubs (they go in the ceramics/glass bin) to bicycles (the steel bin) can be recycled (if not in decent enough shape to be donated).

Which reminds me that I should probably go count our deposit bottles and retrieve our much-needed refund...

January 08, 2008

And our next posting is....

just make one up!  That is what we are doing!  We had hoped, hoped, hoped to know today and those hopes were dashed once again.

So, instead of bets on when the baby will be born, how about bets as to when we will finally have an onward assignment?  Here are a few options:

  • Within the next week or two, when we are "supposed to" (ha, ha) find out;
  • When I am smack in the middle of labor, and Peter runs off to eat dinner and just "check email realllly quickly";
  • When we are packing out and have completely forgotten we don't know where we will end up;
  • When the plane lands in NYC (or nearby) on the way to DC since Icelandair no longer flies to BWI and well, we have to return to the DC area for some of home leave, even if we don't (fingers crossed) remain there*!

*Nothing against the traffic, bureaucracy, or schools that claim your completely bilingual child needs ESL classes...we just want to try something new!

January 02, 2008

We will miss them very much....

Maggie K. Dinoia (circa 1994 - 27 December 2007)

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