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August 19, 2008

Ten years ago

20020690503_0_ALB1st Day and birthday party 011 you were thrust into the world from your warm and cozy hiding spot and placed into my arms.  After a turbulent and emotionally draining pregnancy, we were thrilled to have you in our lives.  We were startled by your blond hair and blue eyes, but so happy you had arrived at long last.  You were a long and lean baby, then toddler, as we began our somewhat unusual and  nomadic life together.

You have taken much time and care to become your own person.  You tried soccer (didn't like so much), ballet (much better, but not quite you) and settled on swimming and a love of music, whether vocal or instrumental.  You were and continue to be intensely thoughtful as a child, which fueled a love of reading, almost to a fault.  How many times have I heard an odd noise in the middle of the night, checked on you, and found you under the covers with a flashlight and your latest book?  The book that eventually causes your eyes to flutter as you tire yourself from the intense concentration and you drift off to sleep trying ...to.. read...one...last ...word.

You are deeply imaginative and from sketches to stories to songs, you can create worlds in which one could be lost for ages.  You have the ability to be terribly independent, but enjoy sharing your imaginative exploits with others, especially those close to you. You are a loving older sister, whether through such creative play with Kelsey or lulling NIcholas to sleep through song.IMG_1300

 You are a unique combination of us with your willowy figure, sparkling green eyes, porcelain skin, and ecru tresses.  We alternate between worrying about how quickly you are growing up to basking in your accomplishments.  You crossed between the continents as though you were skipping across a footpath in the backyard, and still remember the details of every step along the way.

You are Caitlin Hughes Dinoia, our little girl (yet so grown up) and today you are ten.  Happy Birthday,  Little Buddy!


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Happy Birthday Caitlin!! Love, Aunt Brooke and Walker

(Fantastic story Mommy)

Happy Birthday Caitlin!! Love, Aunt Brooke and Walker

(Fantastic story Mommy)

Happy Birthday Caitlin from Grandpa. What a great birthday story done by your Mom.
..Love, Grandpa Kirk

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