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March 22, 2009

Pinkalicious turns 7

IMG_0378 No, she is not always completely girly, though she does have her princess moments.  In fact, I think of her as my hybrid child.  A lovely blend between spending all your time outdoors, breathing in the sunshine, counting the worms for mom, and pretty please can I wear the pink, no purple, no pink, dress today??

 She is my careful (won't ride her bike without self-administered bike helmet & knee pads) child who IMG_0414remembers everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) you say, and when you said it.  "Mom, no, that isn't what you said, you said, ...".  She is my perky, social butterfly who has become a read-aholic who can't put a book down even when ALL of the lights have been out for quite some time.  She composes notes for us daily, and every one tells of how much she loves us.  They are frequent, loving, and are posted everywhere. IMG_0434

I like a clean fridge on the inside, but nothing is better than the outside being plastered in notes of love, not only for me, but the whole family.  She loves to sing (quietly, "Do you love my voice, too, mom?") and runs for fun (well, she is related to Peter).  She is annoyed by her sister's singing, but loves to play school with her for hours.  She gets cranky when her brother pulls her hair, but cries when she realizes how much she loves him.

She is Kelsey, my Kelsey-Delsey nugget, and today she is 7.  Happy Birthday, my sweet little  buddy, junior


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Happy Birthday, Kelsey! A present from us is in the mail on its way to you!

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