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November 24, 2009

I'm supposed to be

sleeping. SSSHHH (with your finger diagonally across your mouth as Nicholas would do)!  However, felt I ought to add a few photos, even though I haven't finished yesterday's post on Legoland. 

IMG_3416   IMG_1307  We are in Anaheim, having pulled in this afternoon around 1 p.m.  I spent the hour long drive up from San Diego staring at the ocean as it traipsed along to our left for a good half hour or so.  Then landscape changed from water to hills to palm trees lining the streets of Anaheim.  

We had originally thought we might squeeze in one more activity while in San Diego, but I think the early in the day, less-stress drive was a much better idea.  This also gave Nicholas time to help with "me-me" (doing the dishes), prior to checking out of the hotel in Carlsbad.  If you didn't know before, you can now tell that he has older sisters who enjoy a good joke at his expense once in a while.  I really can't wait to see the payback one day.

The other picture is Nicholas working on his Yoga.  Even toddlers these days understand the importance of being limber, and more importantly, moving around whilst confined to a car seat to avoid those nasty blood clots.  Believe it or not, I mean that in utmost sincerity.  Not that I think he is at risk, though it is a possibility, but I have known too many people who have had it become an issue.  Though to be fair, while we do encourage stretching on long car rides, this was also his sisters bugging him to do different stretches.  They think it's hysterical that he likes yoga, and try to make him show off his two positions frequently.  At least he'll be flexible and relaxed, more than I can say for me.

We got to Anaheim in record time, checked in early (a plethora of open rooms) had lunch and spent the day getting snacks for tomorrow, trying to swim (hot tub broken=short swim time on cold evening), and visiting Downtown Disney.  I won't quote Pete, but suffice it to say we were a bit disappointed.  Lots of stores with overpriced stuff that we don't need or want, but attract kids like flies.  Amazing how they do it!  We escaped 'only' spending money on dinner, but frankly, next time, we will probably go elsewhere. The name now escapes me, but it was supposed to be genuine N'awlins cuisine. Hmmph, not really, but I didn't have my hopes up, either.  Now, off to bed or I might miss the 5 wake-up calls  and two alarms we have set for tomorrow.  Think it'll do the trick?


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