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November 22, 2009

On the Road Again...

While I spent the evening doing laundry last night to prepare for today's trip, and Kelsey convalesced, Caitlin was lucky enough to have "quality time" with Peter.  The activity of choice?  I will give you one guess (two words, first word sounds like 250 screaming teenagers).  Yes, he took her to New Moon.  My viewpoint is not important here except to say that I have no problem with her seeing the movie, and was especially grateful he was the one who took her.

Not only did I get more laundry finished (we have a laundry room floor again!), but I was able to avoid the likes of Pete's movie theatre neighbor who spent a better part of the movie eating Vienna Sausages out of a tin that rested on the belly.  Now, I have no problem with bringing one's own food, but, really, Vienna Sausages?  So, Peter (between his neighbor and the 250 other whooping teens) had a great time, and I have no laundry to do for weeks (I can dream, right?).

IMG_3359  We headed out later than we expected, but part of that was due to partial participation in the Basket Brigade.  With Kelsey being sick, we figured it would be better to do a drop-off, rather than have her get worse before our trip.  We slightly increased our donation, and the last I heard, over 800 people were going to have a hearty Thanksgiving dinner thanks to Katherine, the organizer, and her incredible efforts.  Guess we will just have to mail next year's donation?

IMG_3360  For whatever reason, packing seemed to take forever, and we didn't really get started until 2 p.m.  We drove through the Middle of Nowhere for several hours, and the kids either slept,read, or watched movies.  Other than this brief glare from Caitlin, they spent the day in fairly good spirits despite being trapped in the car for 6 hours, until we stopped in Burbank for dinner.

As we stopped at a light, Nicholas turned, pointed, and said, "Choo-choo"!  He was pointing to a Barnes and Noble on the corner.  We didn't see a thing, but figured the younger ones have better eyes, so maybe he saw a photo somewhere.  Then we remembered he did the same thing when we were in Walnut Creek last week.  We finally realized he either remembered buying the Thomas train at B & N, and/or playing with them, even though he has only been there once in the past 6 months and that was 6 weeks ago.  He is either a genius, or this is a product of having a blissfully uncluttered baby brain.

We arrived in Carlsbad by 10 p.m., not too bad considering the start, and would have been fine if the kids (Nicholas definitely included) were not extremely wired. Apparently, a 4 hour nap in the car does not bode well for an early bedtime.  On the up side, Legoland doesn't open until 10 a.m., so plenty of time to catch some zzzzs.  


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