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November 20, 2009

*Spoiler Alert*

from Peter Dinoia, new comedic genius.  I know, I know, it is not normally what one pegs as his forte. Staging, securing the perimeter, stopping art thieves in their tracks, and voluntarily traipsing around the world at a moment's notice?  Yes, those would be the attributes that might come to mind.

Now, Pete can tell a joke, and can do quite a few mean impressions, from Archie Bunker ("Geez, Edith, huh?") to the Swedish Chef (Orsky-Borsky & such).  However, actually creating the comedy from scratch isn't necessarily his strong point.  Until last night.  In a fit of overwhelming creativity, Peter created a sketch, if you will, of one of my favorite shows (this point needs to be stressed), and I still cannot get through it without laughing.  Apparently, neither can anyone else, as all of his Facebook reviews have been stellar.

Yes, this all started on Facebook, what doesn't these days?  An urgent status update from a friend of ours mentioned that her television died while she was watching the most recent episode of House.  I immediately commented and sympathized with "Ms. B.", as I, too, am quite a fan.  I can't quite put my finger on it, whether it is House himself (ooh, that sexy stubble), his obvious medical genius, or simply that I am still so excited that Puck managed to resurrect himself to become head of oncology (and still look as, um, fit as he did when jumping around in A Midsummer's Night Dream).  Guess the acting thing really was a stage. 

Before I continue, I should note that this may fall completely flat if you:

  • never watch House and have no clue what I am talking about
  • have only watched one episode (best if you have seen several)
  • hate the show (though frankly, you may hate it because you agree with the synopsis)
  • are a much, much better person than I am and don't waste time on useless television shows that don't really do anything but mildly entertain you for 42 minutes on a weekly basis

On the other hand, if you watch it religiously like my pathetic self does, then this might be for you.  It is Peter's take on the most recent episode of House, most of which was missed by our friend.  

Without further ado, Peter's version of "Teamwork":

The patient is overcome with some mysterious ailment in the first scene. Then House and his team argue over the initial diagnosis and treatment. House orders a bunch of tests. During the tests the patient gets sicker. Then there is some sexual banter between House and Cuddy that should get House fired. They correctly diagnose and treat the problem. The patient temporarily gets better then goes into cardiac arrest. They then realize that the first diagnosis is completely wrong and determine the real cause and prescribe new a treatment. House says a bunch of stuff to Wilson that would make a normal person never talk to House again never mind stay his best friend. Second Diagnosis turns out to be completely wrong and they tell the patient that he is terminal. Then as the patient is about to flatline House has an epiphany and figures out what is actually wrong and prescribes a last minute miracle solution. Patient lives.

Actually, I think that is every episode...

Now who doesn't need a laugh like that once in a while?  Thanks, Beaker!


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