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December 20, 2009

And our next post will...

not be our post.  We have decided that the time is right to share the news that due to the needs of the service, we will be going separate ways next year, at least in terms of where we live.  While it is not 100% official*, Peter has had a handshake on a particular unaccompanied post for the past few months.

While we were not deliberately trying to leave anyone out of the loop, we thought it prudent to wait a bit until this position seemed a bit more sure.  In Foreign Service lingo, we wanted to hear the words, "You have been paneled".  Due to many factors we have not heard those words, and I am not expecting to hear them any day soon, which is fine. However, this next posting requires quite a bit of heavy-duty training prior to deployment.  Given that the plans for the training, which begins January 4, are moving full-speed ahead, we feel comfortable in the likelihood that the posting will go forth.

It is therefore with a bit of trepidation that we are announcing in the most official way we can that Peter will be going over there (pick your unaccompanied destination of choice) for a year.  This has meant nothing short of a huge amount of uncertainty for the rest of us.  I can't say I am not a tiny bit stressed about the new job (well, location of said job) for Peter, but also a bit nervous about the four of us.  We have realized that due to financial factors (far more positive to move anywhere else) and in terms of distance to his new posting, we need to move as close as we can. 

One might say it's a bit laughable to think that being 6 hours closer will help, but with the way flights go, it could add an extra day to each R&R.  Trust me, even an extra 24 hours will be precious, and we do not want to throw it away on unnecessary travel. 

I am really not sure what else we know at this point, other than the following:

  • we will likely pack out in late May and/or early June
  • we will probably depart as soon as school has finished for the year
  • no word as to whether we will fly or drive to our home for the next year (but would love comments from those who have driven...especially given the minimum of 440 miles/day!)
  • his posting will tentatively begin in July of 2010 and will last for one year.  Assignments with DS are not linked, so no word on where we will go next.  We would love a three year posting in Africa or South America, but, as usual, it will depend on availability.
  • we are moving in an easterly direction, but not set on final location.  Support, friendship, weather, ways to keep busy, and a good number of available babysitters (no worries, I pay well!) will all be factors in our final decision.


Do the girls know? Yes. 

Are they okay with it?  As much as they can be.  They understand, to the extent that they can, that this is a need for the Foreign Service, and when one joins the FS they agree to worldwide service.

Are you okay with it? It's his job.  Bad things happen everywhere, and there is no point on dwelling on the "what ifs".  And, let's face it, I have done the single parent thing A LOT.  It's nothing new, and there are positive aspects.

What on earth will you do?  Just go about life as I would if Peter were on a very, very long and regulated SD detail or TDY.  Hopefully, I will dust off a few hobbies, continue to get in better shape, travel (yes, we have very grand R&R plans), and have a regular volunteer position somewhere involving kids, animals or books. Oh, and look at the bright side of life while drinking a lot of coffee...

*I actually typed this post several days ago, and was sitting on it for a bit. Rather than rewrite, here is the official word:  as of 3 PM PST Peter has been paneled, and the assignment is a go.


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Wishing all of you safe travels and duties! You will be in our thoughts and prayers, and we know things will turn out fine!
Love, Janet

Of course, you can stop in Boise for a while...

I think you are an amazing mama and such a supportive wife. We will miss you here when you guys go!

Congratulations on being paneled! At some point I always feel like it doesn't matter where we end up, I just want a definite answer.

Thanks for helping me understand a little more about what it means to work for the FS.

Thanks! Janet, will let you know soon (when we are sure!). Martha, if it's on the way....Katherine, thank you, I will miss you guys, too! Must make more cooking clubs in the meantime! Stephanie, you said it! It's not always the where, but the when are we going to know that makes one crazy!
Jennifer, thanks for stopping by!

Just found your blog via ICLW. Good luck in your move. It is difficult with kids. Our move to Florida 3 years ago was challenging because of it. It used to be a breeze when we didn't have kids; in fact we moved several times over several hundred miles every 4 years.

No, not in Foreign service! Just a family who likes to take control of their career and move with the opportunity. I doubt if we are going to be as adventurous anymore with our twins who are getting to be a handful each day.

Enjoy the Holidays!

I'm reading your blog with great admiration, as you and your family tackle your next adventure head-on. Wishing you the very best, and will surely come back to read more. (ICLW)

wishing your family the best of times to come.

merry christmas ICLW hugs!

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