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February 03, 2010

Nicholas and I are watching the same TV shows...

and I'm liking them*.  No, I am not crazy, just a bit weary with the single-parenting gig.  No worries, nothing major, just still have to work on that whole 'finding time to sleep' business.

I have been a bit preoccupied with, well, everything these last few weeks and somehow completely ignored upcoming celebrations for the kids that need attention. Let me rephrase that:  not ignored, just didn't give as much focus to the planning of the events as I should have.

Scan0006Kelsey's Reconciliation is next Thursday, February 11, and guess what I just remembered?  Her Love Bag.  Yes, Love Bag, hold the chuckle, I am utterly serious.  Rather than try to send an email and worry about leaving someone out, I have uploaded a photo that describes the Love Bag and what is needed.

You can read through, but it is to be a simple gift bag filled with loving notes for the child receiving the sacrament.  No toys or games, but obviously religious objects (small, it's the size of a lunch bag) are fine.  Everything you need to know should be in the letter and I know Peter will love reading about this (hi, sweetie!) since I haven't even remembered to tell him about it (the bag, not the event), much less forward the information (here you go, honey!).

So aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors (current/former from 2 states and 3 countries..), "sends" (Remember those?  No, that's not a tear...), you are all welcome to send something.  Of course nothing is required, and it will not be empty if you don't participate...but if you know Kelsey...you know she will really, truly, deeply appreciate anything you have to say.  

In case you are wondering, she does not read the blog, and is more likely to figure it out if I forget to stash everything away..  However, any questions should probably be directed to one of us, if need be.  Or maybe just Peter...my mind is a bit weary...3 days, 23 hours, and two minutes til we have our family back together.  Not a moment too soon in any of our opinions.

*Come on Shannon, don't let me down!


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Ok ... classic that you are notifying your husband of information via the blog post. Love it!

I remember the days of counting down! Hope the next 3 days and odd bits of minutes go by QUICKLY!

That is so sweet! Good luck with it and hang in there... as you said, just a bit over 3 days!

N- If only he read it! Still haven't heard his thoughts on the matter, so either he missed it or....

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