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February 25, 2010

The response was overwhelming....

and the votes are in....and whether you thought it was the best choice, or you guessed that it was Kelsey's favorite....

IMG_3831 Yep, Dress D is her current gown of choice.  She LOVED the flowers, and the layered skirt.  While it's not yet a guarantee, I think it is safe to say that we will be headed back to the store soon to give it a another whirl and re-visit the veils. 

I was actually a bit unsure about posting the poll in the beginning, but I ended up being overwhelmed by the responses.  I don't always like making decisions like this completely on my own and with Peter liking one as much as the next...well, each opinion helped!  Thanks so much, I am very grateful to all of you who commented here, on Facebook, through email and by phone.  Oh, and I almost forgot...I actually meant to post one more photo yesterday:  a comparison to the 'non short-listed' dress Kelsey tried on.

It was created and sewn by my mother, and if I remember correctly, she worked into the wee hours of the morning finishing the dress.  That's it, it's genetic!  I knew that it may not fit or at that Kelsey might not want to wear it, but love that she at least tried it on.  I think she even thought it was "cool" or "neat", as she commented, "If you have another daughter, she could wear it for her First Communion!" 

No, that's NOT an announcement, and she begged me not to tell anyone, but I thought it was too...Kelsey...not to share.  Oh, and the comparison photo?  Well, I found one just of me, but thought that wouldn't be much fun.  Instead, I decided to use a few family photos.  If you get to see me in my early 80's finery, then everyone is fair game!  In all seriousness, this was one of my favorite celebrations, as so much of my family went hundreds of miles out of their way to attend (way before iPods, in-car DVD players and possibly FM radio in some cars). 

I'm pretty sure I said something then, but it certainly bears repeating: many thanks to Mom, Dad, Amanda, Grandmom, Grandpop, Grandmere, Grandpere, Uncle Bill, Uncle David (who assisted with the ceremony), and Aunt Peggy (and those who wanted to be there, but couldn't) for your support.  You made it an amazingly special day, and I won't ever forget that.  Now back to those photos...

Scan0011 Scan0012 Scan0014 Scan0015 Scan0016   



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Oh how cute are you??? LOVE the old photos - I'm such a big fan of memories of years past!

And yeah for me for picking her favorite dress. As I told you in my 2nd comment yesterday... I realized a little late that I wrote down the wrong letter of my favorite dress. It's just darling on her.

What fun, what fun!

Oh wow, Jen! I love those pictures of you and your family!

It was a wonderful day with lots of family and we were all so proud of you.

J- Yep, you nailed it! I just couldn't leave everyone hanging for months on end...I decided to start incorporating more old photos (when applicable) and it's such a good habit, as then they are saved in case anything happens in a move (knock on wood)...

Thanks, Kolbi!

It's Friday, and that means that the Second Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up - and you're on it!

Here is the link:


(If I quoted your text or used your photo(s) and you would rather I had not, please let me know. Please also be sure to check the link(s) that I put up to you, in order to verify that they work properly. If you would rather that I had not referenced you, and/or do not want me to reference you in the future, please also contact me.)


Yep, yeah for me, too, for picking the one she chose (and one I liked the best, too). Gosh, Jen, can't believe you were that little! Love the one with the priest giving you the flower--very nice! CUTE!

Exciting times for Kelsey are coming soon!

Go, Janet! Please, I know, I can't believe it either...and despite my best efforts at the gym...sigh...
OH, the priest...that's my Uncle David!

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