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March 24, 2010

Caitlin said

IMG_1610 that I absolutely must post this picture on the blog.  She found it on my phone the other day, and insisted on not only emailing it to her far away friends, but also printing out to take on a field trip yesterday to show her pals who have not yet met him. She thought it was absolutely, positively the cutest picture ever.  I agree it's cute, but I am still more surprised (excited/elated) about the girls absolutely adoring their brother despite his latest penchant of...well, doing those crazy things two year old boys must do.  It can't be denied that despite the way the two girls go at it with each other, they are still head over heels in love with the Little Guy.

I love this picture because it reminds me of his actions immediately preceding the taking of the photo.  He flopped down on the couch, picked up the book (upside down), scooted up to the back of the couch, opened the book, looked at the page, and immediately turned it right side up.  I have no idea at what age (I suppose a call to the parent police is in order) they are supposed to recognize which way letters should be when they read them.  If I had been worried, I can now check it off the list...providing it was intentional, of course, which we may never know.

On the other hand, I am not in the dark regarding his super-urgent playground needs.   He kept calling "Help, help" while stuck on a ladder held up by chains that he (normally) climbs up rather easily.  I walked over and upon arrival, he looked at me and loudly proclaimed, "I said, help!". Verbal language skills, check.

My other favorite part of the photo (besides the dog on his shirt)?  Yes, he is 'reading' Michael Pollan's Food Rules.  I will have to save more than a basic bit of adoration of this author for another post, but suffice it to say, his rules are right on target and will be my new food rules (the ones that aren't already).  If you aren't a reader or simply need more listening material for a long commute (and you find the topic interesting), you might consider downloading a podcast or two of his TED talks.  Seriously interesting stuff.

Sadly, it's now back to the real estate listings for me.  No word on whether we are buying or renting, only that the properties that interested us have been quickly and cruelly snatched up.  Two steps forward...


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I'm pretty sure you told me your budget and this is over it. But I'm mentioning it because it looks like such a cool house and is in such a great location (across the street from Thomas Jefferson Elementary, which is the 2-4 grade school in Falls Church City).

Too cute! Some of my favorite pics are of my kids "reading" --I love the look of intense concentration as they try to make sense of all the marks on the page. I'll check out that book too--Michael Pollan is always interesting.

Oh, I'm sorry that you look at something and then it's gone. :(

I know that must be disheartening! But there's a home for you out there, somewhere!

Zoe, Yeah, it is a teeny bit over budget, but it's gorgeous! They did reduce the price a bit...if they kept going...and we are definitely looking in and around that area. Thanks!

I am sorry about losing all those listings. Same happened to us 2 years ago after we sold out house and were looking for a new one. Every listing that popped up was gone within a day.

I love hearing about sisters loving on their little brothers... it warms my heart to know that despite the age differences (I think ours are similar too) that they find him adorable and want to show him off. I can only hope we encounter the same things in the future...

P.s. so sorry about your housing situation. I wish you the best of luck in finding something... but promise to send the luck back my way in 11 short weeks - from today! Yippee!!!

Thanks re: the housing wishes. Not to worry, I am still positive, as in some respects this turn of events is probably good. I will get a little mini-vacation next week (for house-hunting purposes)...hopefully being there will help!

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