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March 22, 2010


was my nickname tonight.  My dear husband thought I was going a bit overboard on a project, and deemed me to be a little bit nuts. Now for those of you who know us (or if you quickly click here), you might wonder what me being crazy this has to do with the nugget...

Yep, Kelsey turns 8 today, but this is not *the* official post.  It will have to wait, as a special photograph needs to be taken first.  We have been waiting almost a year to do so, and, yes, more explanation on that later.  So, why am I loopy?

I guess I obsessed a bit (in his opinion) over Kelsey's birthday favors for her class.  It can no longer be as simple as cupcakes or candy (which is sort of okay with me).  I used to send in a birthday cake in Iceland to Kelsey's leikskola and didn't think twice.  I honestly don't remember what we sent in for her 6th birthday (to the International School), but if it was a craft, it was likely by choice.  However, it seems now everyone here simply gives out small favors.

IMG_4097She wanted to go with pencils and erasers, but I thought since that was quite popular, we should opt for something slightly different, and perhaps, a bit green?  Since it is spring, what better favor than a little grow pot for the garden?  We found a variety of herbs and threw in a few strawberry pots.  Since the carton was not super-sturdy, I figured it couldn't hurt to put them in a colorful paper (yes, recycled) bag.  Then I have all of these letter stickers, and even with the scrapbook updates I need to do, I will never, ever use them all...so I though it would be really cute to emblazon their names on the bag.  Of course, the bag then needs to be sealed, nothing a little hole-punching and a ribbon wouldn't fix.

 With that, you have the favors.  Really not that complicated or fancy, but a fun mother/daughter (til the said daughter's bedtime) project.  And, no, Kelsey is not getting one, but that is just to illustrate the design for the names, without displaying the roster for her entire class.


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Happy Birthday, Kelsey!

And WOW, Mom! Those are some truly gorgeous party favors! Very, very unique. I'm sure they will be a hit!

I want to go to here party. Nice party favors.

Thanks! Those were for the class, and I still have to attempt my idea for the party...here's hoping it works!

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