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April 06, 2010


was the first word out of Nicholas's mouth yesterday when he awoke from his nap.  Kelsey was nearby and quickly reminded him that I had left on the airplane that morning.

The next utterance:


IMG_1673 Yes, I need to be quite clear:  95% of the reason I came to visit is this absolutely adorable new Little Guy, Master Nate (short for Nathaniel).  I have house-hunting to do, but I have been extremely nervous about that and would much rather spend hours playing with this sweet wee one.  Yes, the notion of buying or renting a new house is exciting, but the fact of the matter remains that I am obtaining the house for the four of us to live in and for Peter to visit.

If we are lucky, he will spend a sum total of 40 days (give or take) in said house over the next year.  When I have asked for his thoughts on the matter, his response was that I knew best.  Translation:  he won't be living there, so his opinions shouldn't hold as much water.

IMG_1677 On the contrary, they do.  Not only will this be a landing pad, should we come back to the area for training (well, theoretically), but I really, really hate making big decisions like this by myself. We are married, it will be our house, so we should both have a say. Therefore, I am quickly preparing a list of homes that we are slated to visit tomorrow, so he can send his yea or nay before he retires for the evening (don't forget, he is three hours behind).  And, I absolutely, positively, will not stay up until 4 a.m. tonight trolling real estate sites.  Not that I did that last night, though technically, it was only 1 a.m. for me...so, really, I went to bed early, or at least on time.

Given that  I spent most of the day on planes, though, I was alternately wired and exhausted.  I schlepped from Oakland to Salt Lake City to Minneapolis to BWI.  I have to say, for the most part, it was extremely smooth sailing.  I expected huge lines and delays, and found next to nothing in both departments.  Oh, except for the passengers who refused to sit down or turn off their electronic gadgets despite many requests from the flight attendants for cooperation (we are talking 15 or so minutes worth of repeated announcements).

Now, it may seem like a number of stops, but I enjoyed stopping in two new states, and although the terminals were a bit of a distance, who doesn't need to stretch their legs after a long flight?  What I don't understand?  How only 6 or so hours of flying can make one so darn tired.  Maybe it was just the lack of shut-eye Sunday night, but I easily slept through most of each flight, no matter how much background noise or turbulence.  Though I did stay awake long enough to realize that the woman next to me on my third flight was reading the exact same book as the woman next to me on my second flight, and the exact same chapter.  I know, completely unrelated to the story, but just struck me as so interesting.  Now the question:  do I find and read this book (particularly that one chapter) that is so captivating my fellow travelers or assume it was just a fluke?

Shannon, hostess extraordinaire, met me at the airport, and we hurried home to meet the baby of the hour.  Little Nate was in a semi-sleepy state, but blinked hello and dozed off and on while having a bit of nourishment.  We had much more quality time today and I not only got several smiles, but also quite a few giggles out of him. Considering he really only met me yesterday for the first time (not sure he remembers that Skype call when he was a week old), I was pleased as punch.  And, I must say, way more fun than fretting over real estate listings!  Which, reminds me, back to the list...


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Oh what a cutie pie!!

So sorry this decision weighs so heavily upon you... Can't wait to see what you do!

What a cute baby!
You don't know what you're doing after the year is up, do you? I mean, he could end up being there more than 40 days. Not that I don't believe in getting to pick the house. When we moved from Houston to Denver, I went and picked out a house by myself.

I think I know too much about the area, and maybe that is making it harder? Oh, and, yes, Zoe, he could end up back for longer, though we hope to go out again...I changed that slightly...just meant for this year!

Best of luck on the house hunting!

Thank you!!

REally cute photos of Nate! How great that you got some smiles! yay! can't wait to see him again--so nice that you're able to spend time with him (as well as Shannon and Mark).

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