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June 23, 2010

Happy Housewarming....

to me.  Peter promised this to me as part of the move.  I didn't think it was necessary, but it will come in handy since the kids are using the PC on a fairly regular basis. 


The extra bonus?  The Verizon guy came a day early, so we actually have internet and phone in the house! We also TV now, too, I suppose, but we neglected to mention that to the kids.  Given how much fun they are having making playhouses out of boxes and rediscovering 'lost' treasures (read: unpacking), I doubt they will notice anytime soon.  


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Awesomeness on all counts! Let them keep making playhouses as long as you can!

Love that computer. We got one for the kids (and Mom) a few months ago. Of course ours is all packed up on it's way to post but it will be a happy day when it is unpacked again.

how great! you'll be able to keep in good contact w your husband with a brand new Mac.

by the way, glad you are there safely! what a trip!

@Naomi Thanks! Yes, I always love the playhouse period of the move...so interesting to see what they will design next (and glad Cait hasn't tired of it!).

@Shannon LOVING IT thus far!

@Bridget Yes, now we just have to get his apartment warming laptop...and thanks, it was a crazy trip, but so glad to have taken that journey..next time, will definitely build in more time!

Yay for new toys (for kids and adults)!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE my iMac! Congrats to you - and happy housewarming!! Hope all is great in your world. Look forward to catching up soon!

Woohoo! We haven't yet converted to mac, but we long ago became a multi-computer family out of near-necessity. And I've been so spoiled by high speed, I don't know how I'm going to manage dial-up.

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