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June 06, 2010

Hooray for Hollywood!

IMG_4685 IMG_2063 Yesterday  was the final performance of the Danville Girls Chorus for the 2009-2010 season. As usual, the girls performed their hearts out, Nicholas kept Peter busy not listening to the singing, and I cried my way through the show.  Seriously, at a Pops concert! 

I know, I need to buck up and find my stiff upper lip.  I'm trying, but it's ridiculously hard when we are saying so many good-byes and hasta luegos.  I've begun to wish that we had the ability to live in two places at once.  Silly, I suppose, but there is just so much we are going to miss when we head off tomorrow...


Caitlin Perhaps because I spent so much time bawling my eyes out (I didn't even really like Beaches, and that darn Bette Midler song just triggers something each time!), I missed out on a few photo-ops at the concert.  Or it could be due to Nicholas being antsy, the girls not wanting photos taken (shocking), Cait's choir director not being available for a shot, and, of course, the "no flash" rule during the concerts. I won't regale you with my lousy iPhone shots, so you will have to make do with Cait and her choir's photo display and a few photos from the last day of school in California for both girls. Nope, they aren't making me the slightest bit teary-eyed...oh, heck, where's that Kleenex, again?


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I hate when I leave my camera at home. The pictures you took are very pretty must be the subjects. Have a great day!

*HUGS* All the changes are so hard. I don't even like Frankfurt but I keep tearing up as we do all the "lasts"

Oh I'm a total crier too! Funny though... I just can't see doing that much here... well, maybe on the flight outta here. :)

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