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June 14, 2010

I'm gonna drive 500 miles...

no, actually more like 3,357 miles since we left San Ramon last Sunday.  Our tour of the southwestern and southern states came to an end when we pulled into the Salty Dogs driveway, shook off the Pirate Booty crumbs and 3 out of 5 of us met "Baby Nate!" for the first time.

Picture 001 Picture 002 While the girls spent a good portion of the time querying if we were there yet, Nicholas spent his time asking about Baby Nate.  He was so excited to meet him, having only seen him on the computer up until now.  Nate was sitting on Shannon's lap on the front porch when we arrived, and Nicholas was more than a bit shy.  After relaxing a bit (and playing in toy heaven, the Salty Dogs' den), he gave Nate several hugs and kisses...albeit some a bit too dramatic, but his intentions were good.

Picture 003 Picture 004 We had enjoyed tasty grilled treats, the girls splashed around in the pool long enough to wear themselves out a bit and we celebrated the big 29 (plus 9) for Pete.  Not ideal to spend your birthday driving 400 miles across three states, but he survived and was rewarded with a Cold Stone Oreo cake, thoughtfully procured by Shannon ahead of time.  We only slightly gorged ourselves on cake, relaxed, did some laundry, and enjoyed quality time with our dear friends (and hosts). 

Now I should be asleep as we do have to get up in the morning and head back out.  A much shorter trip, though, just over one river, as we head to Annandale so that Peter and the kids may see our new home in person for the very first time.  Oh, and figure out what to do for the Salty Dogs, as we simply wouldn't have had such an easy home purchase without all of their assistance:  hosting me/all of us, helping with inspection, taking extraordinarily professional photos and videos of the house, and helping with the walk-through.  We owe you one!


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Oh, how exciting: the family seeing the new place for the first time!!!

I'm sure they'll love it!

I think we'll be even after tomorrow's treat. Well, at least we girls will be. Maybe buy Mark some Pirate's Booty :)

Tom and I used to love taking road trips pre-Kieran, but he is not the best rider, so we have really limited how far away from home we go. I can't wait until he is older and happier to ride along - this sounds like a blast!

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