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August 02, 2010

Guess who is the newest member

of the (insert name of Cait's middle school here) chorus?

I learned that Chorus was an elective when I first reviewed the school website. I couldn't believe it and was elated, given that Cait sings her way through most of the day.  When I mentioned it, she just wrinkled up her nose and looked at me as though to say, "Why would I take that?" as though I had suggested something truly awful. She was even less thrilled when she found out that the choir was divided into levels and she would have to audition.

I am not generally a pushy parent.   If you know Cait, you know that she lives to sing, and thus far, has impressed a number of people with her ability.  However, sometimes she needs a bit of a nudge and reminder that she needs to care for such a talent. Being the crazy stage mom I am (not), I pushed a teeny bit and signed her up for the chorus audition.   She rolled her eyes and claimed to be utterly disinterested, but eventually (later that afternoon) agreed to it.

Tonight the director was back in town and able to do the audition over the phone.  Cait took the phone upstairs and called in at the appropriate time.  Fifteen minutes later she sashayed down the stairs and announced she would be in the Advanced Chorus.  "I told you so" started to form on my lips, but died out when I saw the twinkle in her eye and extra bounce in her step.  Instead, I let a simple congrats suffice.

IMG_0187 The picture?  Let's just say I was psychic and we celebrated the results of the audition early by getting ice cream this afternoon.  Nah...in reality, we had lunch with new friends and simply couldn't resist stopping at Cold Stone.  Nicholas was quite proud of himself,as it was the first time he had his own cup and he picked the flavor (normally we share).  I guess the upside would be that the drips matched the pants?


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Congrats Cait!

That is fantastic! Congrats Cait!

Congratulations, Cait! What IS it with kids and blue ice cream? Do grown-ups ever order it?

This is so great! Congratulations, Caitlin!

Thank you! We are very excited for her! @Shannon..I don't know, but it is so true...they gravitate to that stuff!

That's awesome... Mazel Tov Cait! And sometimes I too find it hard not to say, "I told you so"... despite wanting to SO badly. :)

P.S. Love that little guy ate his own ice cream ... and so glad to hear that he too drips a little here and there. My girls have never made it through a cone w/o the proof that they ate one!

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