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August 07, 2010

He took a

IMG_0198 bath, while I took a break.  I left Nicholas in the uber-careful hands of his sisters yesterday after lunch, in order to grab a shower (doesn't everyone shower at 2 p.m.?).   I waltzed downstairs 5 minutes later, (somewhat) refreshed, clean, ready to tackle the day (after more coffee) and found the little guy (and his plate) covered in yogurt ranch dressing.  Pouring skills, check!

IMG_0199 The bigger news?  We finally made it to the Falls Church Farmers Market and 'Greek lady* who sells baklava from  the back of her car' was there!  Not only baklava, but also a killer spinach pie.  She is indeed the same woman who used to attend the Annandale Farmers Market.  I mentioned that I missed her there, and she replied that she could no longer attend as she, "had too many other markets to visit".  If that doesn't attest to the yumminess of her treats, I don't know what does.  While we caught up with her in time to grab a potato bar (phyllo, potato cubes & spices), we missed out on the spinach...just too darn popular.

The girls were thrilled to find a crepe stand (though no pesto, brie & tomato combo for Kelsey), a dairy stand (with the best milk we have tried in ages), and ...yes, our favorite Amish bakery.  Not only was the entire family there (and the mom is as charming as the son!), but had plenty of whoopie pies for the kids.

We didn't have time to explore the entire market, as some stalls started to close early.  However, from what we saw, there was an incredibly wide variety of veggies, ice cream, all types of cheeses (yummy curds, too), milk, baked goods (obviously), flowers, and grass-fed meats.  We will definitely head back next week, but a bit earlier so we can explore more and sample those treats that we missed this week.


*A foodie blog writer actually coined a similar phrase...so can't take credit and not poking fun...


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I love farmer's markets and this one sounds fabulous. Enjoy the tasty treats. I have a piece of baklava I picked up at a deli near our hotel. Planning on eating it with a cup of tea before bed tonight. I adore baklava and everyone else in the family hates it so it is one treat I know won't get stolen. ;)

Love the "took a quick 5 minute shower" bit ... oh how often I've taken one of those only to find chaos and disaster :)

WOW--this sounds great! and it was still open after 2 p.m.? that's why I don't get to them more often around here--everything's gone by 11 a.m.!!

sounds delicious!

@Shannon...if you are back in the area next year, I highly recommend!
@Naomi...seriously, though this was an easy clean-up as it turned out :-)
@Janet...oh, prolly need to re-phrase...the first photo was on Friday and the rest took place on Saturday morning...The FM closes at 12 p.m., but I do wish they were open later...takes us all so darn long to get up and going, plus Saturday is generally a sleep-in day...CA farmers markets were 9 -1 p.m. and we loved those!

Oh how I love Farmer's Markets! I miss them so - not many in my neck of the woods.

And 2 pm showers. Your kids should just be thrilled you were able to take one!! :)

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