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August 31, 2010

I know,

IMG_5158 it's been quiet around here.  We had a houseguest this weekend as Sandy Bandita "Pantshead" Etter -Talbott stopped by for a long weekend visit.  She has  been a part of our extended family for years and I had forgotten how calming it is to have a pup* (okay, very mature dog) around for a bit.

The kids really loved having her here and while we are still not quite ready for a dog of our own, it was fun to pretend for a bit.  Sadly, we had to give her back today, but we are hoping perhaps she will come back for a visit soon.  Bailey was especially appreciative as Sandy's love of his food meant he was able to eat on (yes, on) the dining room table.  What we don't do for our pets...not much.

We have also been high gear to get the house in order as our first (human) guest arrives tomorrow. Grandpa Kirk's flight from Memphis lands at 11:35 in the a.m., so we should probably leave the house now to guarantee our on-time arrival.  He is here for the next 8 days, not only to enjoy the lovely (hot and humid, but less so than Memphis) weather, but to watch the girls while Nicholas and I fly down to...guess, just guess...um, yes, Memphis.  It's a long story, but the girls didn't feel like traveling the weekend before school starts, I have a high school reunion this weekend (I'd lie & say 10 years, but..), and it's been rumored I am going to actually have the time to go out and get a manicure AND pedicure with friends (ssh, I know it sounds vain, but I'm wearing sandals Saturday night...enough said).

What does all of this mean?  Well, I found Kelsey's floor (someplace for your suitcase, Dad!), so now just have a bed to fix, 12 loads of laundry, forms to finish for Nick's Montessori, forms for Cait's OTHER choir, forms for voice lessons, bills to pay AND remember to mail...hmm, not enough, I must be forgetting something..oh, yes, find slinky black dress (ha!) for Saturday night, 'sexy' tank top & tight jeans for  an event Friday night (again, ha!), shop for school supplies for Cait, pray the rest of Kelsey's school supplies arrive, remember that I forgot to pick up their backpacks from the store...oh, and hopefully get a few hours of sleep before we leave on, um, Thursday?  'Night all!


*maybe not the best photo, but a memory of the cozy spot the kids made for her behind the love seat...complete with skateboards to keep her afloat in case she fell off the blankets....those kids do think of everything!






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Love the puppy photo!! Have fun with your dad. And a blast at your reunion. Enjoy the break. And take photos!

Good luck getting everything finished! I hope that you have to do. I can't wait to hear how everything goes.

We're oh-so-grateful to you all for taking care of our old girl. She has fond memories of hangin' in the 'hood with Maggie, "back in the day." And taking pretend "Cujo" photos with a just-sitting-up Caitlin. She was clearly relaxed and at home, and that's not true everywhere for our nervous Sanwee.

I keep thinking of the GPB quote. "Did you go to your reunion?" "Yes, I did. It was just as if everyone had swelled." No one who wasn't impressed by us ** years ago is likely to be now. But we will have a whole lotta car dancin', brie-eatin', fight-song-singin', barbeque-eatin', toenail-paintin', live-music-groovin', why-we-left-Memphis-rememberin' and how-far-we've-come-celebratin' to do.

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