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August 26, 2010

In a few short hours,

it will be a month since Peter departed for his post.  In almost every respect, I can't believe how quickly time has flown.  And, despite my worst fears, we have not spent the past month sitting around bemoaning his absence.

Well, we have occasionally, but not nearly as much one could, as we just don't have the time.  Between squeezing in 3 semi-decent meals a day, at least a couple loads of laundry, errands of some type, hopefully some exercise, taking care of the animals and getting kids up in the morning...and to sleep at night, life has been downright exhausting.  The bonus?  The hours turn into days, the days turn into weeks and the weeks have already turned into a month.

In fact, we have been so busy with other issues that we haven't even completely planned his first R & R.  I keep thinking that it is so far off the in the future, that it's pointless to even think about it.  Yet, like everything else (to include my 20th high school reunion next weekend, GULP!), it is approaching far more rapidly than I expected.

So the question of the day:  am I still the stress-bucket I was for the first three weeks?  That's easy...yes and no.  Some days are more difficult as I am still trying to get settled ( I'm thinking school starting will help immensely with this project).  I also have not had as much time to exercise as I would have liked, since I can pretty much only count on myself to do errands (which always take twice as long as they should).  My free time is generally whatever I can squeeze in after the kids go to bed and the chores (uber-necessary) are done.  I did manage to get in a 30 minute walk the other night and forgot how good it felt to to nothing more than take a brisk walk.  I do miss my walking group...

And while  I am sure I will sound like a terrible/ungrateful mother, I think the kids going back to school (and Nick possibly starting Montessori) will be good for all of us.  Cait has had a weeklong (afternoon only) orientation this week at her new school and has enjoyed it immensely. She has managed to meet up with at least one friend from first grade (she attended Kelsey's new school from 2004-2005) and seems really excited about the upcoming year.

Tonight I had the chance to attend the parent orientation at Cait's new school and I am sure, after listening to the presentation, that there will be a bit of an adjustment period.  However,  I think having had one year of middle school already under her belt will be a huge boost when school starts.  As much as there are slightly different rules and it is a different school...she has the class-changing, keeping track of things, independent-project completion business down pat.

We also have a busy few weeks ahead of us, aside from school.  Grandpa Kirk is coming for a visit next weekend, and will watch the girls while Nicholas and I head down south for the reunion and some family time.  I know the weeks will zip along when school starts as we already have weekend activities planned through most of September.  Then October will hit, with trips to the local pumpkin patches and farms, and, of course, Halloween...which will hopefully coincide with a certain someone's first trip home.  And who knows, maybe by then we will also know where we are going next year... only time will tell.





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So glad to hear that all is going well with you!

I always found it amazing that as the days rushed and crawled by all at the same time! Glad to hear you are staying busy and that you will be starting into school routine shortly.

I hope for your and your family's sake, time continues to fly.

You're doing it!!! You're creating memories, stability and normalcy for those kiddos ... and you're still awake to write about it!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's nice to read blogs like yours and get a sense of what life in the FS is going to be like (even if it terrifies me more than a little bit).

I'm crossing my fingers that the next 11 months fly by for you and your family.

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