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August 05, 2010

It's here!

The long-awaited, much ballyhooed bid list has arrived.  Now, I realize ballyhooed, for the number of opportunities that are actually on the list, might be a strong word.  However, look at our current situation: any overseas posting that we can take on as a family gets three cheers in my book.

Bid1 Not that I am complaining about our current set-up, as the time is going quickly and seems to speed up each day. We are busy, without a doubt, and starting to feel more settled.  Each day it seems I am able to get a box unpacked, organize an area I had previously ignored (well, not had time to attend to) or Freecycle a few items from my massive 'to be Freecycled' box.  It's not perfect nor is it going as quickly as I would like, but I'm hoping the place will be pretty spiffy (maybe we will even having living room furniture - gasp!) by the time Pete returns for his first R&R.

Cathedral What?  Oh, what's on the list?  What will we pick?  Actually, one should ask what we "chose" as we have already created a list of 6 core bids.   And, no, we are not getting particularly excited about one over another.  Instead we opted for 6 fairly different posts that will...well, that's enough information for now.  Unless you can decipher two of these pictorial clues and as they just *might* be on the list.

Oh, and when we will find out?  Truly, your guess is as good (and maybe better) than ours.



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This could be exciting! You could do like a blog contest to let everyone guess ... and then you could mail them something from your Freecycle box as a prize :)

You made it to the State Blog Roundup. If you don't want to be on it, then please let me know! Follow this link to reach the roundup:



Okay, so we don't bid until winter, but Ben told me a few of the bids on the list. It made me so excited to think of the posibilities. I just pretend we have a chance to get a great spot somewhere, because more than likely we will end up in DC.

@Naomi...pick our post and win a Krups coffee maker, bamboo chopping block or a spice sorter for drawers! I like it! Now we just have to hope we find out fairly soon...


@Emily...Sometimes I think the 'what if' stage is more exciting than knowing the actual destination....here's hoping you can stay out a bit longer!

If the one on the lower right is where I think it is. . . oh, one of my fave places in the world! (Okay, so I was just there for a 5 day visa renewal trip. . . but still, loved it!)

Even though we haven't even BEEN to our first assignment yet, rumor has it we have to start bidding again soon. Hubby needs to go somewhere to make use of his mad skillz in Russian since we got Kenya this time.

Have fun(?) bidding.

We never ever told anyone what we were thinking ... too much stress of having too many unwanted opinions!

I'm hoping that you get your first choice(s). You definitely deserve it!

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