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August 01, 2010

Leaving the nest

IMG_0174 IMG_0175 Yesterday morning we left the house and discovered this egg.  I should clarify:  yesterday afternoon we left the house to do a tiny bit of Saturday afternoon shopping at Target.  We should have left in the morning, but a certain Little Guy is having a wee bit of trouble falling asleep.  As he has trouble falling asleep, this means that his primary caretaker gets to bed a bit later than usual. Couple this with said caretaker also having a bit of trouble sleeping and one ends up with sleepyheads who wake later than they should and drink too much coffee and take several hours to really get with it and leave the house. Well, the PC drinks too much coffee, while the Little Guy appropriately chugs his kefir.

The egg was sitting in the grass and had not so much as a crack.  We were a bit surprised, as we had not realized there was a nest in the tree.   I wasn't entirely sure what to do as the nest would not be reachable even by the tallest ladder.  Enter Cait, robin's egg savior extraordinaire.

IMG_0182 As the egg did not appear damaged in any way, Cait decided to create a new nest.  After several tries, she came up with this and hoisted it up to the highest limb she could reach.  Unfortunately, she did not have the nest-building touch of the momma bird and it wasn't strong enough to hold the egg.  After several more hours of researching "robins egg fallen out of nest" on Google, she came up with a homemade indoor nest/incubator of sorts.  

IMG_0184 I have a gut instinct that the egg may not been viable, and thus was pushed out.   However, I dislike raining on Cait's parade, especially since the subject intrigues her so.  We will try candling as soon as the flashlight has enough charge (depleted from being part of the make-shift incubator), however, I have a feeling that we still may not be able to discern much and will end up dropping the egg off at the Nature Center.  They clearly have more experience with all things bird related and may have an easier time telling her that the egg was discarded for a reason.  

I suspect she might not be happy to learn that the egg didn't have much of a chance after leaving the nest.  I was thrilled, though, to see her basically create a science project for herself.  If nothing else, added a little bit of excitement to our first daddy-free weekend.





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That's my girl!

What a GREAT learning experience though! Awesome job kiddo! (even if it doesnt end "well" she will still remember that for the rest of her life!)

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