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August 25, 2010

What better way

IMG_5061 IMG_5065 to spend your birthday than with old friends?  I was flummoxed for quite some time as to how to spend 'the day'.  I couldn't go overboard with a huge party, as Cait really hasn't met too many kids her age.  She hadn't really mentioned anything in particular (other than 'the movie'...), and I wanted it to be memorable and fun without the entire focus to be on "we just moved, I don't know anyone and dad is gone".

As luck would have it, friends that we met in Iceland are in town for a bit.  Our kids went to school together in Reykjavík (okay, technically Garðabær), played together and swam together.  We had many great times with this family, and Lauren (the mom) is the saint who kept Kelsey overnight without blinking an eye, both when Cait broke her arm (and needed it surgically reset and this took forever) and when Nicholas was born.   To say  we were thrilled when they moved here is an understatement.   I realized last week that time with old friends might possibly be the best way to spend the day.  The kids would have fun, Lauren and I could chat and it would be just like old times.

IMG_5076 IMG_5073 We both seem to have the same 'get out and see the best of DC' goal, and neither family had been to the museum of the American Indian.  So, we met up at the museum, ate a mostly healthy lunch, became insanely dizzy by the tray collectors in the cafeteria, watched a film, made beaded necklaces (well, Kelsey, Cait & Josie) and tried to soak up as much as we could from the museum's offerings.

I can't say I remember as much as I should have, but that is primarily due to the fact that Nicholas was very busy.  There was much to view and, as one would expect, he was most thrilled by trying to climb boulders that are apparently just for decoration in the outdoor garden.  Oh, and playing in the water pool (yes, also just for decoration).   Thankfully, Lauren filled me in on the interesting facts she picked up to include a very interesting tidbit regarding passports.

After a busy afternoon in the museum and even busier in the outdoor garden, we realized it was almost 4 p.m. and if we left any later, they would hit Metro rush hour and we would hit trafficky rush hour.    Despite a late lunch, the kids were getting hungry and I figured dinner would be much better sooner rather than later.

IMG_5079 On the recommendation of a fellow FS blogger, we opted for the Quarterdeck in Arlington.  It was rumored they had excellent steamed crabs, which just happens to be a certain someone's favorite dinner.  We just beat the dinner rush and were able to dine on crabs and fried oysters before the restaurant was overflowing.  She loved it (crabs were awesome and definitely a good idea to go earlier...)!

IMG_5080 After dinner, we returned home for the obligatory cake (a small Oreo cake from Cold Stone) and the gift opening.  Though I usually like to make the cake from scratch, Cait had a serious yen for the Cold Stone cake and since we may not always have one nearby, figured it couldn't hurt just this once.

IMG_5082 As you may have seen on a previous post, we were actually able to make it a family gathering.  Peter was adamant that he wanted to be a part of the celebration, even though it meant us waking him up at 4:30 a.m.  In case you are wondering, he leaves his Skype on at night...this allows for any sudden "I miss Daddy(s)!" to be attended to promptly and also for participation in events such as this one.  We had cake, he watched the presents being opened and then we all realized it was about time for bed.

I wasn't exactly sure what Cait thought of the day until Sunday night when she commented, "It really was a great weekend!  My birthday was awesome, we got Theo and we had a great time sailing!"







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I love Quarterdeck! Glad y'all did too!

aw, happy birthday to your big girl.

How wonderful that she loved her day!
Steamed crabs sound really great right now.

We had a great time too. I'm glad Cait had a good birthday.

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