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July 21, 2011

We are seeing a lot less of this

20090222-238and a lot more of this these days.

No, I don't mean that Nicholas is spending more time being sneaky and eating old pieces of Easter candy he managed to scrounge up while hiding underneath the dining room table versus just playing with his toys. Nope, note his, er, outfit.

In particular, the bum.  Yes, the bum.  We are finally, FINALLY en route to the official 'potty-learned' status.  Nicholas 'does the dance'.  He comes to get us when he has to go.  He downright refuses to wear pull-ups and finally gets that it's a lot easier to simply use the facilities (and less time consuming for us) than to have to do the ole diaper/pull-up bit.

Lest anyone think I was resting on my laurels or what have you, I really tried with this Little Guy.  I had potties around from day one and was convinced he would be potty-learned by 18 months.  Ha!  I tried early potty learning, I tried cloth diapers* and wipes, I tried cold turkey, I tried relaxing and forgetting about it.  Finally, as I was fretting that he really would be the first college student in pull-ups (eco-friendly, but still), it all clicked.  One day he was wearing underwear and going on the potty when we suggested (but not otherwise, if you know what I mean...) and the next, we get the dance and the "I gotta go!"

I have never been so freakin' happy to see a pee dance IN MY LIFE.  

I am also assuaged of quite a bit of guilt now.  I had myself convinced that everything last fall screwed him up completely in this respect.  After all, we had been working on it and things were moving (albeit, slowly), and then everything fell apart.  The cloth diapers went out the window with all of the medical crap and I virtually gave up.  I re-started my efforts this spring and while things improved, he still had fears of the "big toy-let" and other such scary machines.  Finally, I gave up and figured if he wants to be in diapers in college, who am I to say it's a bad idea?

Now with all the money we are not spending on pull-ups, we can actually save for college!  


*Just for the record, I LOVED cloth diapers and wipes.  I wish I had used them with all three kids.  I could go on and on and on about the benefits, money savings, genuine cuteness of the diapers and how he never got diaper rash (well, once with a disposable).  However, at the moment, I'm really quite grateful to be finished with them!


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YAY! So exciting! Hmmm I've never really considered cloth for our next baby, but now maybe I'll think about it. The cost savings is the most appealing to me, to be honest.

Yay! What a milestone! :) And thank goodness for character underpants... little kids want them and so they're a great motivator to leave the diapers behind!

Hooray! We used cloth with the girl, and she trained early (VERY early for a kid with autism). The boy has no interest. I might go back to the cloth when things are settled, but I think it might be true that boys are just ready later. Oh, and if he hates the auto-flush in public toilets, carry some post-it notes and put one on the sensor until you're ready to flush. Works perfectly!

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congratulations! I still have a long way ahead of me: disposable or cloth diapers... 3 children in 5 years, imagine! :o)

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