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August 27, 2011

The first known casualty

(in our neighborhood) from Hurricane Irene.  Now, one might wonder how a sprinkler that was run over could be directly related to a natural disaster, but Peter wanted to park his car in the driveway behind the Odyssey.  We do have a number of rather large trees by our parking spot and on the off-chance one came down, it would land smack on his car.  (This is not an unfounded worry...I still remember the damage Isabel did to a number of cars in this neighborhood years ago...not pretty!)



I pulled forward just enough to allow his car in when I heard an ominous "crunch."  I was actually relieved when I discovered it was the sprinkler as A. I thought it was Nicholas's favorite watering can (from the sound) and B. the next-door neighbor child had already partially broken said sprinkler.  Now we get a new one (well, should we ever need to water again after this weekend).

As for Irene?  Well, we are still waiting...it's 9 p.m. and we've had nothing more than a bit of wind and a ton of rain.  Quite frankly, the winds haven't come close to what we experienced in Iceland and I have a feeling they won't.  (Remember the Great Trampoline Explosion of 2008?).  

Yes, THIS occurred the night before Nicholas was due:



(Note:  This did absolutely nothing to induce labor.  Going out to dinner the night before did, however, encourage the layette shipment to suddenly arrive as soon as dinner was on the table.)  Cait, Kelsey and their friend, Josie, had a fabulous time playing 52,000 piece pick-up while Peter contemplated how he'd get it all to the town recycling center.

The weather is so calm here that Nicholas decided it was a fabulous time to play in the rain.  He also figured out that dousing works better when you point the stick in the right direction.  And, no, we will never, never outgrow our fascination with sticks, the ultimate toy.  




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I don't know about your area, but we're definitely getting pretty pounded with the rain and wind here ... finally. I really want to feel justified in stocking up for the apocalypse - so an overturned pot or two wouldn't bother me too much. I think.

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