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September 06, 2011

My children, especially

my eldest, would like you to believe that I spend my days bawling my eyes out when they go back to school or move up a grade.  While I do occasionally spend time reminiscing about past years, believe it or not, I do not fear them getting older or wiser...

Perhaps I just fear the looks they give me when I ask for the annual Back to School Photos.



Yes, they are back!  It wouldn't be the Dinoia Family blog if I didn't have one semi-unhappy looking* teen, one very giddy 4th Grader and one Little Guy who clearly didn't want to get out of bed, but by golly, can't miss the chance to wave to the school bus.  


Today was not actually the start of school for all three, as Nicholas merely had an open house at his school.  We were there for approximately 5 minutes when the other children left, so Nicholas spent 25 minutes regaling his teacher with stories of his father saving a turtle's life (true story) and his father being bitten by a blue crab at the beach (also a painfully true story).  Oh, and much discussion of trucks, trains and 'struction matters.  We left at the end of the open house with a Little Guy who just can't wait for the start of Montessori School tomorrow.

Perhaps the best part of the new school year?  We are now 'bent on Bento' in this household.   We have had Bento box style lunches for a while, but I could never get them exactly like I wanted.  Last week on Facebook, I found BentOnBetterLunches.  Wow! 

Incredibly creative lunches that are very similar to what we already packed, but simply put together in a more fun way.  Kelsey saw the site and went nuts.  A friend saw the page I liked and let me know about a site from a friend of hers that has even more ideas. Between the two pages, I am fairly sure we are never going to have a 'boring' lunch again.  


Kelsey has taken over her lunch production from picking the groceries out at the store (which she did before, but now it's much more exciting) to creating the lunches at home.  I'm ecstatic as I am now fairly sure she will now never request a school lunch (which will not be had by her until those awful disposable styrofoam trays disappear) and she is eating what we both think is best.  


Even better, last year's lunch box and snack/sandwich bags** are still very much in play.  We couple them with other reusable containers (the stainless steel being a favorite), silicone muffin cups for color, throw in a drink in a Sistema water/juice bottle*** and lunch is complete.  Oh, and a cloth napkin, can't forget that!  And, with that, we have a successful beginning to yet another new year...


*The look is a bit staged.  She reminded me 5 times that I needed to take the picture, so it couldn't have been that much torture.  Oh, and why is it dark?  Well, ask the school why on earth they start at the crack of dawn.  LOVE that Kelsey's school starts so much later...just wish the middle school would follow suit!

** These bags (whether bought or homemade) also make excellent party favors and teacher gifts.  We gave each of Kelsey's teachers one last year, with a small gift card tucked inside.  Easy, fun and very little waste!

***I purchased locally at The Container Store.


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I hope all three are enjoying their new classes! What awesome photos :) I agree with your eldest - I don't think 'perky&cheery' would have been the proper pose for a crack of dawn shot ;) My kids were excited to go back, and didn't mind the photo shoot. My son wanted me to be in the photo too.. he said he could do a 'left hand' self portrait. I talked him out of it... the kids were all cute and ready for the day, but I still needed coffee (and some lipstick). I'm also a bit jealous of the yummy looking lunches. It's not cost effective or easy to pack here. Bread is tasteless. Luncheon meats are not good. There's no heating up or fridge, and my kids beat the heck out of their backpacks. I'm glad the school provides a lunch and it's a pretty good one, usually, too.

I saved the link for BentonBetterlunches. That's a great way to get kids to eat their lunch! Love the teen angst. Would expect anything less!


Please tell Kelsey that Auntie Kim thought that her hair looked fantastic, tell Caitlin that I love the pose, and tell Nicholas that the Pizza Guy loves him!

Wow! That's awesome that they are so helpful and independent, and creative! - I'm super impressed! Thanks for sharing my blog, and sharing your post about your lovely children with me :)

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