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October 22, 2011

It might be time for an intervention

of sorts.

You see, we are a book family.  We LOVE books.  We spend hours at the library, at book stores and reading everything we can.  We have books scattered about the house, in various stages of being read. Reading logs, sent home from school, are virtually useless for our kids.  They end up wasting time trying to figure out what they've read (as in, how many pages/how much time) rather than spending more time reading.

They even read in the car and any trip out requires a minimum of two books per girl (my rule:  they have to carry them).  You can offer a fabulous lunch out for two with either girl  and your conversation will likely consist of only your own words.  You will talk to yourself while you stare at the spine of the latest book she is reading.

I'm okay with all of that.  I'm happy to explain to the teacher if Kelsey's reading log looks sparse (she fills it in, but it's clearly a down and dirty fill in just to have it finished), that no, really, she spends 2-3 hours a day reading, sometimes more.  I'm happy to stare at the spine of a book when taking Cait out, because her reading has expanded her interests so very much (mythology nut, much?).  The only time we all truly put our books down is at home for dinner.  Of course, since Nicholas is often busy showing us his 'new moves', this is not difficult.  No one wants to miss the Mister's dinner show!  However, I realized last week just how many books we have, even with our frequent trips to the library (translation: not buying many books).

I finally realized that I could no longer stand the cheap Ikea bookcases in the living room. I came up with a grand plan to move two downstairs and really get our books and scrapbooks organized. We don't have many knick-knacks and those we do were mostly owned by my mother.  So, I'll set those aside until I find a special display case.

Since I was no longer trying to artfully arrange things, I realized that we had plenty of space for our books on those two shelves (not the kids' stuff, just ours).  I then offered that Cait could have the third bookcase for the time being.  It's not gorgeous, but combined with her other shelf, would get books off the floor and out of boxes.  I figured then I could measure the space needed for her books and eventually find a really sturdy solid wood bookcase.  Peter lugged the thing upstairs and as this case was larger than her other one, she decided it would do and asked Pete to move the old one out.  

He told her maybe the next day, as he nearly broke his back getting it up the stairs.  I eyeballed the books and the shelves and asked her to at least fill up the new case and see if she had any books left over...then perhaps she could keep the other bookcase and have room for knick-knacks and photos.

I left for an evening out and an hour later received a text with a photo like this one:


Yes, both bookcases were completely filled to the brim.  My head is trying not to spin and calculate just how much weight that will be for our next move (knowing she will likely add books).  I'm not thinking of mounds of paper and boxes and then the bookcases needed to shelve them at said post...no, I'm thinking it's time for an intervention, in the name of a:


I know, fat chance, but it's worth a shot...right?


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I love my kindle. Now all (okay, almost all) new fiction is electronic. I was able to carry tons of books on the plane in my carry on! Great for FS folks!

Why am I not surprised? :)

The best thing we ever did was get our kids kindles for Christmas last year. We gave them each one SMALL box to put their favorite books in, and loaded up their kindles for the trip. They read so much more now, because if they are in a series, they can just yell from their room, "MOM! Can I order the next book?" A few clicks and they're already reading away. Also, at the beginning of each school year I had a conversation with their teachers about the reading logs. Usually they waived the whole thing for us because I hated forcing my kids to waste time filling them out.

Kindle is TOTALLY worth it. . . Love ours. . .

And, as long as you don't have a lot of furniture, you CAN fit a lot of books into the weight limit. (And, if you are lucky enough to have a well-stocked warehouse at your next post, you can keep asking for bookshelves. . . ask my how I know. . .)

I signed each child up for an account at goodreads and they keep track of their books there. . . theoretically. . . They are still sometimes reluctant to log it, but they are more likely to search and click than write things down. (And with the kids I'm homeschooling, it's important to me to keep SOME kind of record of what they are reading.)

I am also a Kindle lover. The only time I buy paper books now is when I see something awesome for 25c at a yard sale. I wish all my books were electronic. Then I could carry our whole library in my purse all the time.

We've had a kindle intervention too. And we're trying to get the kids hooked as soon as they hit chapter books. It's amazing how fast books multiply. Good luck!

The kindle has really saved our weight limit. I read usually 2-3 books a week- so my husband bought one for me for valentines last year. I now have 100+ books on it. I'm probably going to buy one for each member of the family. You can have up to 6 on one account and share all the books. :) (I will also note that I still do buy actual books, but not nearly at the rate I once did.)

Oh we are the same - and i keep buying more and more of them...even after getting the kindle!

it's an addiction :)

Noooo! I like my books!

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