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October 08, 2011

It's Great Country Farms,

Nicholas Dinoia!  Today was our second annual trip to Great Country Farms in Bluemont, VA,  with the Salty Dog Crew.  We were lucky that, as like last year, extended crew included Baby Nate's grandparents and his cousin, Wes or "Wesselley" as Nick calls him.  We had so much fun with them last year that Nick started asking about it two months ago.  

"Do you remember last year when we rode the cow train?  Do you remember last year when we ate the popcorn?  Is Wesselley coming again?  I'm older, so I can watch him!"

(Being older is a big theme right now.  In fact, yesterday he reminded me that he's going to be 4 soon.  *Sniff*.)

We had a lazy morning and then headed out to the country in the early afternoon.  We parked, ambled in and after purchasing 'very bad for you but very tasty' crunchy pumpkin peanut brittle, we headed into the play area.  Of course, we took pictures first to see how tall we are.









Yes, Cait really is that tall and, no, she will not stop growing any time soon.  

We did the bouncy thing.

We rode the cow train.  (This was mandatory given how long we had been regaled with tales of last year's trip.)

IMG_1113 IMG_1115











We played in the corn bin and tried to ignore the folks who shunned the bin.  Seriously, one child said, "Ew, playing in corn, that's GROSS!"  The mom then said, "I KNOW!" and glared at those of us with kids playing there.  

Seriously, that's gross?  Woe to the poor child in that family who dares ever step in a mud puddle...

Anyway, my poor, apparently disgusting-thing liking child enjoyed playing in there (oh, the horror...) and I have the pictures to prove it!  This also made us very dirty and we are quite proud of that!

IMG_1119 IMG_1120IMG_1122

We rode on the rope swing.  Oh, and by "we," I do mean all of us, me included.  Sadly, there is no picture as Peter thought it would be funny to push me several times and then leaving me dangling there...and not even preserve the Kodak moment!  Men!

So, here is Kelsey, who is a far more elegant swinger.

Last, but not least, we played in the castle and drove tractors on the playground.  We had fun, fun, fun, til Great Country Farms closed for the day and I know all of us are already looking forward to next year's trip with the Crew!


Night, all!





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I am bemused. How is playing in corn gross? Unless you eat it after you play in it!

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