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December 18, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

no, no, not Christmas, (well, not yet), cookies!  Yes, those wonderful, delightful super-yummy Girl Scout treats that only come around once a year are HERE!  Well, the order form is here and should you place an order now, come March, you will have boxes and boxes of tasty goodness waiting for you.


Even better news?  The prices are the same as last year, only $4.00/box.  There is also a new cookie, a special anniversary treat, the Savannah Smiles.  If you click on the link, you will see photos of other favorites to include:  

  • Thin Mints
  • Samoas
  • Thank You Berry Munch
  • Trefoils
  • Dulce de Leche
  • Tagalongs
  • Do-Si-Dos

As usual, we are happy to take orders and ship anywhere.  Initial orders are due January 19th and we will keep you updated as to how long one can order (generally, until they run out or March 28th, whichever comes first).  We are also thrilled to be a part of the pilot Cookie Club program.  Kelsey will be able to take orders online via eCards and submit them securely through Cookie Club.  If you ordered cookies last year, she will send you an eCard.  You can then click order cookies, whether for you or a donation to the Gift of Caring.  Your request is then submitted and Kelsey receives a note indicating your "promise" of a purchase.  

She will be able to track her orders (online or traditional), set a goal for her goal chart and manage a list of contacts. If you did not order cookies last year, but would like an eCard so you can order online, please let her know!  (Note:  We have done a test run of the Cookie Club and it is extremely easy and user-friendly!)

Bundle3_1.jpg.100x100_q100(photo courtesy of Little Brownie Bakers)

We know our friends overseas enjoy these special treats and to make it a bit easier, we are happy to split the cost of shipping for those at embassies and consulates worldwide.  Payments can be sent via Paypal, and as always, are not due until the end of March (the 28th, to be exact).  So, sit back, relax and let those visions of your favorite GS cookies dance in your head!

If you are curious, Kelsey does have a sales goal:  375+ packages will allow her to earn a cute blanket with wrap handles.  Given that this is close to double her sales of last year, I think we will shoot for at least 400 boxes...or maybe a sweet 500 to earn that special beach towel!  Don't forget that her troop will again donate cookies this year (volunteer firefighters are the lucky recipients) and of course, will use some of the money earned to treat themselves to a local field trip (we are thinking a water theme, which relates to this year's Journey).  



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We're SO IN!!!

Oh, you know we'll be all over the cookie order form from Cairo! I'll check around the Embassy and see if anyone else might be interested!

I have been losing sleep as to how I would possibly get my beloved thin mints/samoas/savannah smiles (which look a lot like a cookie I loved a few years ago) all the way in Guinea, so count me in!!!

Please send me an eCard so that I can place an order for the first time this year. Thanks!

Istanbul wants 10 boxes of each kind!

We'll take an e-card for ordering this year! Thanks for the reminder!

stephanie.s.diamond at gmail

I would love an eCard!

We would love an eCard to order

Hi Jen, we would love an eCard to order cookies. Thanks!!

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