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January 02, 2012

I don't normally

go for New Year's Resolutions, but managed to make two (very informal) promises to myself.  

1. Declutter big time.

We have too much stuff, plain and simple.  Not way too much (no, we wouldn't qualify for Hoarders), but just too much that we don't need.  Some of it is due to the fact that some items are waiting to be Craigslisted, eBayed, Freecycled, you name it and there just isn't enough time in the day.  Then there's the stuff that just needs to be better organized.  Last, but not least, there is just that extra little bit of stuff we could do without.

Instead of waiting until the new year, I started on that project last week.  I sold 4 items on Craigslist to the tune of nearly $200.  I tell you, that's motivation right there!  I then took three boxes to Goodwill on Saturday, but really only itemized 1 box of books.  Sometimes it's nice just to give away for the sake of giving away (and way too much random stuff to Freecycle). 

Last night, I tackled our bedroom and tonight tried to get through more laundry (well, that won't ever truly go away).  However, bit by bit, progress is being made and I don't feel like I will be completely behind once Friday arrives and I am out of commission for a while.

The second resolution?

2.  To make it until Friday, January 6, without becoming a complete stress basket.  I still question whether I am doing the right thing or not, but realize I MUST do something.  Right now, this is the most natural surgery I can do and the only way I might truly feel better.   So, my #2 goal, well, really #1 goal for 2012 is simply to make it to the hospital on Friday without being a nervous wreck and just get this out of the way.  

No more implants, bikini season might be even easier next year (though, seriously, if you think that's why I am doing this, then....) and a sense of being whole once again. If I can do that, the rest of the year is gravy...and, yes, that includes Peter departing for parts over there in late May.  Quite frankly, I think that will be a piece of cake in comparison.  Wish me luck!



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Sending lots of luck and positive energy your way! Just know that I'm here to help you with anything you may need over these next few weeks. :)

GOOD LUCK!!! I am sure it will the surgery will go perfectly and you'll be so pleased with the results. Sending positive vibes your way!

Good luck! Sending you lots of good vibes.

Happy New Year! Will keep you in my thoughts as you approach your big day. And congratulations on the declutter start. We are doing the same here. It feels really good, doesn't it!

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