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January 20, 2012

"That's a parent!"

Yes, it is.  A parent who decided he wanted to surprise his daughter with a truly fun lunch and found himself at the Harris-Teeter at midnight on a Thursday night.  He had to get the right kind of organic turkey and the cheddar cheese sticks vs. the mozzarella (no cheddar at home).

Naturally, we did not have any sprinkles in the house (you know my penchant for that healthy eating and all)....weeeelll, we do have sprinkles, just not the uber-brightly colored ones (you know the ones with dye numbers instead of names? I'm overlooking that issue this one time...), so Peter had to buy a few of those, too.  Now, why might you ask was he doing all of this?

It's all due to Kelsey being BentOnBetterLunches .  We found this blog way back when and immediately put it in our bookmark bar.  Kelsey LOVES to make her own lunches, so she checks the blog daily for ideas.  Now, lately, we were in sort of a rut.  She would do well with making fruit kabobs or cutely arranging her snacks, but unless we had leftovers, the main 'course' sometimes ended up being pasta or Annie's mac and cheese.  Organic, yes, but the healthiest option?  Not so much.

Tonight she was looking at the site and found this post.  She desperately wanted to have these for lunch tomorrow, despite the fact that just last week she complained that she was the "only one who ever brought a healthy lunch."  Peter had to run an errand anyway (I mean, who doesn't at 10 p.m. on a Thursday) and offered that he would do his best to provide this lunch treat for her. 


Provide he did.  I don't know whether I'm more excited that he is getting turned onto the blog or that it is just such an incredibly sweet dad gesture.  So, if you are wondering, we are saving our 'this moment' for tomorrow, as this picture definitely needed a few words of explanation.  Oh, and in case you are curious, Peter used paper instead of silicone cups.  We have silicone, but he feared they wouldn't make it back home, yet he was making lunch for the child who takes real silverware to school each day and brings it home, to boot!   Whatevs, it's a darn cute lunch, right?



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What a good dad!!

Cute-a-potamus! Go, Pete!

Those are cute! And major daddy-points earned :)

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