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January 05, 2012


it's a good thing the 'ogram business went well, as the visit to the oncologist yesterday was a total waste of time and just left me feeling chastised for no good reason.  I had to see the nurse practitioner instead of my normal doctor and the complete lack of respect was amazing.  It made me wonder how the practice has any return patients, should they have to deal with the NP in any way.

We were 10 minutes late (thank you, DC traffic) and when we arrived the doctor was running behind. Twenty minutes later, a receptionist said, "Oh, since you were late (um, what happened to the doctor being late?), would you mind seeing the nurse practitioner?"  Sure, no problem.

I knew we would have to go over a bit of information, but this visit was nothing short of an inquisition.  The weight check and blood pressure check were fine, but then all of the sudden we delved into my history.  I thought we did that the first time and that it was understood that I:

  • Exercise
  • Eat right 
  • In general, take good care of myself

I was asked questions like, "Do you eat a low fat and low calorie diet?"

Well, first of all, I don't diet and don't need to diet.  Yes, I eat carefully and the foods are eat are naturally low in fat because they are not overprocessed and filled with sugar (excepting the occasional treat of course).  My answer?

"I eat whole and unprocessed foods."

The response was nothing short of a blank stare.  My thoughts?  If you know so little about nutrition that you don't realize that whole, minimally (or un) processed foods are best, then don't ask useless, ridiculous questions.

Then she harangued me for not having a particular test done and that had me at the end of my rope.  Good grief, I had just finished with the 'ogram business, wasn't that enough for one week?  Apparently not.  I then made the mistake of mentioning how I had blood work done recently to test my Vitamin D levels.  Instead of just offering to check for the results, she then snarkily asked, "Well, how can we get you to do things in a more timely manner?"  

I won't get into the fact that the test was far from crucial at this juncture, but had several good answers:

  • watch my kids for me while I have said test done
  • help ensure my nerves aren't destroyed while having said test done
  • help me get over my fear of going to doctors in general (getting better, but still)

Needless to say, I just stared at her.  For someone who theoretically wants me to have a return visit, she was not very good at enticing me to come back.  I don't know if this is how she treats everyone or if she just had a bad day, but I won't be testing those waters again.  She had little to no interest in my upcoming surgery (whereas the actual oncologist was very encouraging about me taking that step) and didn't seem to understand that being there was not exactly my cup of tea.  As if I want to spend half an hour being berated when I haven't actually done anything wrong?

Whatever.  I've come to realize, once again, that there are doctors and nurses who truly care and then there are those who are simply doing a job.  It's extremely important to quickly discern which one is which and avoid the latter.  And if you ever need to know which is which, just ask me...I certainly have a good list of both types!


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Will you say anything about her behavior to anyone? That just sounds ridiculous, Jen!

Unreal! Being grilled about your diet! WHATEVER.

Rest as easy as you can tonight, and good luck tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a smooth surgery and easy recovery.

Sounds like your NP and ours here at post share a bedside manner gene. Seriously, how do these people keep their jobs!

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