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January 18, 2012

"You still have your

blood, honey!"

Nicholas made this statement to me last night as I ambled down the stairs after a 4 hour nap (please don't judge).  I had gone upstairs late in the afternoon as I was utterly exhausted and I knew the kids would want to play in the living room.  I cocooned myself in bed so I couldn't possibly roll over and had a variety of nightmares and/or weird dreams.  If you know me, nothing unusual about that.  

Now one might think something was terribly wrong with Nicholas noticing blood, but he was really just remarking on my remaining drain and its accompanying tube.  Did I say "remaining?"  Yes!

Monday was my first post-op visit to the surgeon.  It was a slightly painful drive, but I made it and for the first time, was truly glad to be in his office.  As you know, I very much like Dr. X., however, the primary reason behind my visits was not a good one.  But....I'm moving beyond that.

I was so excited to be there that I actually thought I might hug the doctor.  I mean, I dressed UP for the appointment.  Okay, I was clad in my standard button-down sweater, housepants, wool socks and Crocs (I'm all about comfort right now), but I wore earrings!  I (sort of) did my hair!  I actually have started to feel like I might want to expand my wardrobe once all is said and done and maybe I'll wear lipstick (or at least naturally-tinted lip balm)  twice a week.  Well, I shouldn't go nuts yet.  Now why did I feel so good?   Dr. X.

He did nearly the impossible for me.  He took a portion of extra skin from a place where it was not needed and moved it to an area that allows it to function as a near perfect breast.  No, it's not a truly working breast, but the look and feel is incredible (I just can't stress that enough).  

Not only is the shape nearly perfect in so many ways, but one can already see the outline (okay, Dad, and skittish readers, avert your eyes) for my new nipple.  Since my previous surgery was not nipple-sparing, a new one must be fashioned for me and then the color will be tattooed on my skin.  I can't say I'm looking forward to the pain, but I am quite curious to see the final product.  No worries, there will be no show on this blog, only tell if I am truly happy.

After he checked all of the areas that were involved surgically, Dr. X. allowed that I could have two drains removed:  the one from my right breast and the one closest to my right hip.  The output for both was next to nothing, and it was time for them to be adiosed.  The drain on the left side of my stomach incision is still putting out quite a bit, so it will be at least Friday before it is removed.

I can't say the process was painless, as there was quite a bit of burning, but such a relief to have those suckers out.  Band-aids were attached and I was given the green light to go.  I felt so giddy, I would have skipped out of the office would that be possible without me going into paroxysms of pain.  Oh, and boo on those of you all fancy-schmancily dressed in the waiting room giving me that "Why aren't you wearing your stiletto leather riding boots to the plastic surgeon's office?"  Don't be hating on me just because you have no legitimate excuse to wear housepants in public for the next two months.  Sorry, Botox injections don't make the cut.

I now have only one drain and I am supremely happy about that.  Even better?  Somewhere along the way, I missed the fact that Dermabond was used on my belly incision.  I knew something was glopped on there, but didn't quite catch the name nor did it occur to me it would slowly slough off.  So each day, I would look in the mirror (you know, when I was trying to arrange the drains and tubes 'just so') and see this angry red scar.  I was ignoring it for now, hoping it would one day disappear and then realized last night that it already has.  The Dermabond has started to peel off and take some of the angriness with it. In its place is skin that looks normal, pink, healthy and a nearly invisible scar.

Now this is where I say thank you once again.  So much appreciation to my dear friends who encouraged me and reminded me I could do this. Everyone who texted me until (seriously) I was headed into the OR and had to hand over my phone.  Thank you, thank you, for the push I needed.

Now it's recliner time, since Peter has totally revamped my corner of the living room by installing a new TV that is hooked up to our Apple TV.  I know, lazy, lazy, lazy, but I might as well convalesce in comfort, right?  Plus, I have the added bonus of getting to watch Little Guy play, play, play all day long (oh, the imagination....I LOVE it!)...okay, and an occasional episode of Celebrity Wife Swap (much tamer than the real Wife Swap, BTW) and my comfort movies from our library...and enjoying the yummy food our friends bring over daily...reading books on the kindle...actually having time to do the WaPo crossword...playing words with friends....healing in comfort;  I can't ask for much more than that.




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I am SO glad that you are happy with how things are turning out! That is so great about the boob and the scar. And I know you are glad to be getting rid of the drains. I hated those worse than anything. Enjoy some chair time AND the housepants!

So glad you're doing well! And on another note, tell us more about this Apple TV thing. People keep talking about it. Why do I need to have it?

Very interesting post! I also an curious about this Apple TV Thing. Could you possibly do a post of that?

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