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February 20, 2012

Pinch me!


Celebrating at his Montessori...

As it absolutely cannot be 4 years ago, nearly to the minute (as I typed this post), that the Little Guy arrived in this world.  Mind you, according to him, it's his birthday every time he celebrates.  Therefore, Friday was his birthday (party at school), today was another birthday (a fete courtesy of the Salty Dogs) and tomorrow we will celebrate again with a trip out of town.


Can you guess the theme of the party at Chez Salty Dog?

Since all 3 kids and Peter have the day off, we decided we will spend the day in Baltimore.  We'll see as much in the Maryland Science Center as we can and enjoy an early birthday dinner in Little Italy.  We thought about the aquarium, but as Kelsey put it so succinctly, "Nick needs a place where he can run around.  At the aquarium, you just look at things, while at the science center, you can DO things."


A creation by Cait for the Little Guy.

We all know Nick never slows down.  Well, he does have moments of calm, but they are surrounded by hours of action and to say this makes him a bit different from his sisters would be an understatement.



One of the few pensive moments at the party...

It is a welcome difference, though.  From his blond hair and blue eyes to his need for so much activity, it has been a wonder watching him grow, interact with his sisters and enjoy life the way that he does.  And while I am a bit sad that it seems he is changing so quickly, it is so amazing to witness and I really can't wait to see what the next year brings.


A plasma car makes an awesome birthday gift, especially when in Spiderman colors!

Happy 4th Birthday, Little Guy!  We love you!



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Happy Birthday, Nick!

Happy Birthday, adorable Little Guy!! Gosh, it seems like only a month or two ago that I was on your blog wishing him a Happy Birthday! Time just flies by. FLIES.

And I'm so glad Dr. Salty Dogs planned such a great party for you guys! What great friends those Salty Dogs folks are!

Happy Birthday Nick. Sounds like a great weekend of parties for you. Enjoy that great italian dinner tonight. Dibby and Aunt Amanda also say "Happy Birthday!!"

Happy Birthday, Nicholas (Now I know that's what he likes to be called)!

Happy day!

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