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February 26, 2012

Yesterday was set to be one of those

days.  Friday night I was innocently putting Nicholas to bed, when I realized I needed to get something.  I oh-so-carefully pulled myself into an upright position, but somehow still did it too quickly.  I was rewarded with swift and intense pain in my right side, so much so that it was minutes before I could move.

The problem with doing something like the above is that the pain doesn't just hit and go away.  It comes and goes in large waves, then dissipates to a continuous cramp-like scenario for the rest of the night.  Lovely, eh?  My bad for doing the surgery, I suppose, but given the outcome (ahem, my improved mood and body image), I will just continue to deal with it.  And, no, no reason to talk with a doctor, it's simply part of the very long healing process.  Did I mention there are no sit-ups or crunches in my near future?

I was worried, though, as I had a rather long Girl Scout event Saturday morning.  I had not originally planned on attending.  However,  the troop was participating in Thinking Day and it promised to be an exciting day for the girls.  I decided on a whim to go, figuring Peter could always pick me up if I started to feel poorly and there was always the afternoon for a naptime.  So at the crack of dawn, we loaded ourselves up in the neighbor's car, taking all possible ethnoplunder for our display and headed off.  

It was a day I am so glad I did not miss.

Thinking Day, if you don't know, used to be called International Day.  Each troop that participates picks a country to study and then puts their knowledge (and food samples) on display during the event.  I'll give you one guess what our troop chose:



So, what was the big deal?  What is the yummy bubble tea one troop sold?  Perhaps the egg and spring rolls the cadettes were selling for a fundraiser?  Guess again!

Yes, it was the chance my girls had to share their experiences of living overseas.  Every picture on our posterboard came from our time in Iceland.  The photo on the swaps (little pins the girls create & trade) was taken by none other than Mr. Salty Dog during the Salty Dog Icelandic Adventure of 2008.  We sold cups of Skyr (which was gobbled up) and had a plethora of Icelandic books and toys to review.  We actually had children wanting to buy the Icelandic toys, which were fake sheep bones (based on Icelandic toys from years past).  


Scooping out the Skyr...

Instead of just reciting what had been learned in an encyclopedia or picked up via Google, the girls in the troop learned from Kelsey and then helped share the knowledge on Saturday.  Those who reviewed our stand had the additional benefit of talking with Cait (who registered as a Girl Scout just for this event), who could write a novel about her three years there.  We didn't just display trinkets we picked up on a trip, but a Buff Kelsey wore to preschool every day, the toys they played with, the books they read, the Icelandic study guides they used (to include from horseback riding) and the medal Kelsey won in the Latibaer Marathon in August 2007.



Caitlin swears she would have smiled had I told her I was going to post this photo. I beg to differ, but....

It was one of those wonderful days when you realize that all the sacrifices you make to join the Foreign Service, schlep around the world, and move every 2-3 years are completely worth it.  Your children didn't just visit a country, they inhaled it....lived in it and breathed in the experience every day for 3 years (exactly) of their lives.  They have friends and times they will never forget because they stepped out of a huge comfort zone and into a whole new world.  More importantly, 3.5 years after leaving the country, they are still excited to share it with others.


While I am sorry we haven't gone back out sooner, there is nothing like such an event to remind you how excited you are with regard to your next move.  More importantly, that even while State-side, you can still share the excitement of living overseas with others.  It's truly a gift, and one I am so glad to have given to my children.




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VERY cool!!

Yay! There are some days I really do have to remind myself it *is* worth it. Luckily, those are few and far between. Hope my kids remember their experiences as positively as your girls. :)

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