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March 01, 2012


I figured since she is having surgery tomorrow (yes, finally scheduled!  We even have a time:  12 p.m. at Children's in DC.), perhaps we should do a little before and after.  So, here is before:


My just about 2.75 year old nugget, Christmas 2004.


Oh, wait, I meant before glasses and patching! If her eye seems lazy now, well, you should have seen it when.  The nugget had almost no muscle control in her left eye.  The glasses helped, but she was still frustrated by her inability to have it not drift off.  The patching ...now that really did the trick.  


Kelsey holding a wee little Nickerdoodle....


Wearing a patch on her right eye, 5 days a week for 9 months increased her eye strength incredibly. However, still not quite where it should be.  See how it still slides a bit up and left?


When you ask, "Do you want us to blow good $$ on a costume rental?" note that a grumble does NOT mean yes...well, at least Laura Ingalls Dinoia, I mean, Cait, was happy.

Here is the final before photograph.  Honestly, the difference between her eyes (face, whole kit and caboodle) between infancy and now is just astonishing.  I'm not sure I could be any more surprised by the outcome of tomorrow's (oops, TODAY'S) surgery, but I'll try. (Oh, am I up late?  I'm just a bit nervous about the procedure...but she's not, and that's key.)  It will be very interesting  to see if we also have to get a new prescription (expensive I'm sure, but anything for my nugget, right?).


The look means, "Can't we just GO already?" I had promised her a special mom & me dessert out last night..

Speaking of expensive (okay, not that expensive), on the suggestion of a reader/friend/fellow FS spouse, I decided to get Kelsey a little post-surgical treat.  Hopefully, Friday or Saturday, these will arrive in the mail (sssh!):


I can't WAIT until she opens them up! 

Bet she has no trouble seeing those, hot pink or not!  Now, off to bed so we can wake up in time for the big day...oh, and don't forget, if anyone asks, she's out of school because she's sick.  Apparently, she even fake coughed a bit at school today...that's my girl!


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Sending her wishes for a smooth surgery and easy recovery!

Footwear always makes the best gift! Best wishes, Jen and Kelsey. I'll be thinking about you guys today.

Good luck today Kelsey! (and mom too!)

She is going to love her new boots!! Wishing you both a speedy recovery!!

LOVE the boots!!!! And good luck with everything else.

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