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March 22, 2012

In a few minutes,

this little nugget will be 10 years old.  At this time 10 years ago, Peter was running downstairs to grab a quick bite to eat, thinking that I would be in labor for a bit longer.  Not a few moments after he arrived at the Friendly's (count on the hospital to have a healthy eatery on site...not!), he received a phone call.  He was told if he wanted to be present at the birth of his second daughter, he might want to skip those clam strips and hot-foot it back upstairs.

About 8 months old...

He did and our little Kelsey D. was born a few minutes later.  Her birth was the eye of the storm for us that year.  So much was happening* in our lives then and it's still amazing to me that we managed to stay remotely sane.  Perhaps it was the sweet wee one with the deep, dark eyes and the massive amount of curly, black hair.  She has accomplished so much in 10 long (but, oh so short!) years and I can't wait to see what the next decade will bring.  

Kelsey enjoying a post-Elevation Burger Mom & Me lunch at school today.

Happy, happy birthday to our sweet, artistic, creative, gentle and loving firecracker of a nugget!  Hope this year is the best yet, Little Buddy, Junior!


*Three weeks after Kelsey was born, the coup occurred in Venezuela.  I will leave out my personal opinion (the coup was a good thing), but Peter ended up being called back to the Embassy and we were stuck in the States on Authorized Departure.  We finally were able to return to Caracas at the end of May.  My maternal grandmother died at the end of June, we moved back to the States in August and then Peter started on crazy-insane two year stint on the Secretary's Protective Detail (and, yes, took on a third year).  It was all good, though, and now that things are so much calmer...oh, wait...




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Happy Birthday Kelsey!!

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