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March 14, 2012


are very big with us right now.  They involve traipsing through the woods with at least one light saber, a tool belt and several 'tools' (of the made-up variety).  Monday was early day for Kelsey, so we decided it was the perfect time for a good, long mission with Kelsey, her friend and Nick.

We set off with Nick shouting "Let's do it (play Clone Wars) when we get to the energy shield!" 


 The energy shield is a large cement block just over the bridge, near the creek.  We threw rocks, washed our hands and then Kelsey's friend wanted to take us to her mission area (who knew missions were so popular these days?).  Her mission was far more complex and in addition to throwing rocks, required some digging in the very clay-like mud, taking off our boots, stomping through the creek and... 



you guessed it:  falling over and getting 100% sopping wet.  If you can't tell, it was a most excellent day for Han and crew (though I was relegated to being Princess Leia's mom, as Kelsey had to be Leia).  Nothing like two hours trouncing through the woods and a creek to remind one that the ingredients for a great afternoon need include nothing more than rocks, mud, water and the occasional light saber. 

The light saber must never be out of reach...



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Love it!

What, you don't even get to be Chewie?

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