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March 17, 2012

Nature Boy

and I headed into the city yesterday for a brief excursion to the National Arboretum.  While he loves his mission in the woods behind our house (our neighborhood backs to a nature center and park), we thought it was time to expand our horizons a bit more.  



I had been yearning to get back to the National Arboretum for a long time.  So much open  space and it is absolutely perfect for a BG* to run around, even with 3 light sabers.  The drizzly rain did not deter us (remember, my kids like playing in the rain), so off we headed.  



Despite a bit of traffic, we arrived with a good hour to spend.  This was a actually a perfect first trip, as we were really scoping it out for future missions.  We hit the koi pond, the herb garden and the Bonsai gardens.  If you have not seen the Bonsai gardens....amazing.  I fell in love with the red maple and only wished we could wisk it home with us! 



While we were perusing the offerings in the Tropical Conservatory,  Nick saw a small statue in the garden area of one tree, a man kneeling, as though in thought or prayer. He took one look at it and said, "But, where's Baby Jesus?" To be fair, the little statue did resemble Joseph a bit.  You can always count on the Big Guy for the most interesting comments (oh, yes, he is the Big Guy now, since he turned 4!  Woe to the person who calls him LG...).


Perhaps the best part was the herb garden.  Oh, to have an herb garden twice the size of our house.  I was proud of our little bit of rosemary until I saw the patch there.  Nick was thrilled and about to taste it when I had to remind him it wasn't for us.  


"But I eat it off the bush at home!"  Yes, you do, and I love that, but not so sure the Arboretum staff wants folks picking at the herbs.


Due to the drizzle, it was a very quiet day, however, this meant not many other folks around, so very quiet and lots of open space to run in.  We had a short but sweet visit and are already planning a return trip, this time with Kelsey.  We've got to get our fun time in DC in while we can, right? 

A trip like this is also a good reminder of why we live in this area and why we travel so much.   I want my kids to soak in and learn as much about their own country as they do others.  I love that Nicholas gets so excited to see the Washington Monument (and that he sees it so often).  I love that  walking past the White House is something we can do any time we want.  More importantly, one lazy afternoon, we can just decide to go to the National Arboretum without worrying about hotels or airline tickets.  We are close to the city, the bay, the beach and the mountains.  Pretty cool, if I do say so myself.... 


*Big Guy


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That IS very cool (that it's all just normal daily stuff for your kids) -- great day!

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