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March 26, 2012

Running low?

Desperate for Do-Si-Dos?  Salivating for Savannah Smiles?  Yearning for just one more box of Thin Mints?

It's your lucky day!  As it turns out, our troop has 44 boxes of cookies leftover from booth sales that need to be sold.  Yes, we can purchase them for ourselves (and will if they don't sell), but thought we would give you one last chance in case you need one more box...if so, you know the routine!  Comment here, send a DM on Facebook and/or send an email to Kelsey or me.  This is the last chance until next year, just in case you want to stock up...did I mention they freeze well?

In a related note, thank you for the thank you gifts!  In addition to the blog mentions and cards, we also are the lucky recipients of three pashminas.  Thank you SO much to our friends in Oman!  Kelsey adores them and I think I will end up borrowing from her instead of the other way around!

NOTE:  We have at least 3 boxes (total) of each type of cookie.  Please let us know how many you desire and we will confirm availability.




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