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March 12, 2012

There is nothing like meeting

a Foreign Service internet friend in real life. You might have known this person for years thanks to the blogs, email and Facebook, but never actually shared a meal or sipped green tea with her.  Thanks to a happy collision of events, I was finally able to meet my DS bloggy friend, Donna, last week . Might I say that she is everything she appears to be and more?

Three hours just flew by as Donna and I chatted about everything from blogs to future posts.  She is just as forthright and brilliant in person as she is online and I couldn't believe it when 1:15 p.m. suddenly turned into 4:30 p.m.  It was, without a doubt, a most fun afternoon and I only hope we have the chance to meet up again soon before too much time passes. 

Despite my reticence about staying back another year, had we not, I would have missed out on so many chances to meet with FS friends in person.  I sometimes forget about that aspect of living in this area, and awesome lunches with new old friends remind me that I need to remember that more often....


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Awww, thanks! But you forgot to mention how I kept splattering you with udon noodle soup. I can't believe I have to get back on that plane already tomorrow...

Hi,Why is there no one to leave a message, why?I don't quite understand

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