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March 21, 2012

Two months from today

Peter will be winging his way over several continents and oceans towards his new home.  Somehow with all of the other springtime excitment, I forgot he is leaving so very soon.  We have no pack-out date and haven't even touched on thinking about the consumables shipment.  So, just how do I feel about him going away for a year?

Will you hate me if I say "Whatever?"  Not that I won't miss him, but at this point, the sooner he starts, the sooner he finishes.  Oh, and the sooner we can ramp up our savings and take a few sweet trips (maybe overseas?).  Frankly, right now, I'm more concerned about the proper papers being signed and things being handled properly so that we don't miss out on the benefits of this unaccompanied tour.  Other than that?  Well, we are still so darn busy with...

Yes, Girl Scout Cookies!  Between filling overseas orders and working the cookie booth, things have been a little crazy.  Kelsey worked last week in Old Town (on St. Patrick's Day, so very active) and will be working again* this Saturday!  At last count, Kelsey has sold a whopping 837 boxes (not including her portion of booth sales) and we have shipped to at least 25 countries (some more than once).  From here to Estonia, cookies are being enjoyed everywhere...and some folks have even placed follow-up orders and sent sweet thank you cards!

If you are curious, we will most definitely be mailing out cookies again next year.  Kelsey loved shipping out the boxes and even managed to sell to the postal clerks and the bank tellers.  The postal clerks were particularly impressed and glad to see so many boxes going to those fellow FS friends serving overseas.  Thanks so much to everyone who purchased cookies, Kelsey and her fellow troop members truly appreciate it!

*Oh!  You are local and want to buy cookies from Kelsey?  One more in-person sales opportunity will happen this Saturday.  If you might want to stop by her booth, please email or DM me on FB and I will let you know the pertinent details!


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I don't have the foreboding possibility of a year with my Husb, but I do understand the "Whatever" mentality. With our situation (which includes very frequent travel on his part -- 200+ hotel nights last year!) people are often a bit perplexed when I say it's fine ... it just is what becomes normal ... and I believe that for you too ... it will just be ok ... and you'll adjust! Salivating over the GS Cookies!

Good for you guys and your girl scout cookie selling. I was an AWFUL cookie seller. I went around the neighborhood and took sooo many orders, but then when the cookies came in I was too lazy to deliver them so my mom decided to just buy them all. Not my proudest moment. =)

Do you have any more available to ship?

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