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March 08, 2012

You'd never know

the Nugget had surgery last Thursday.  She couldn't even open her eyes Saturday morning, but by the evening was walking around the house again (with sunglasses on).  By Sunday afternoon, she decided to drop the sunglasses and provided we kept the drapes closed, she had no problem with the natural light.


Too cool for school...

Monday was still a bit soon for school, but we decided to test the great outdoors with a field trip.  She wore her sunglasses most of the time, until we stopped at the coffee shop.  Within minutes she took them off and seemed completely comfortable despite the bright interior.


The healing power of the young is amazing...

I worried a bit about her return to school, however, she woke up Tuesday morning with far less swelling and the red in her eyes was finally dissipating.  She went off to school with only her regular glasses and had no issues whatsover.


Oh, yes, she wore the boots!

Wednesday was the big day:  the post-op appointment.  I picked Kelsey up from school and expected a long wait at the opthalmologist's Virginia office.  We were pleasantly surprised to see his assistant and then the doctor himself, within minutes of our arrival.  Kelsey was her usual calm self and passed every test with flying colors.  Even better:  no new prescription!


Celebratory spring rolls and fruit tea at one of our favorite Thai restaurants.

Her eyes are healing incredibly well, her vision is great (well, generally speaking) and we will see what happens in three months during her return visit.   We (of course) had to celebrate our good fortune with spring rolls (doesn't everyone?).    All in all, not a bad recovery.  Slightly painful, but very quick and nothing but good results from the surgery thus far.  Now that we are finished with her eyes (for the moment), we get to move on to orthodontia....good times!





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Y'all just don't stop, do you?? :) Good job, Kelsey!

Nope! Thanks!!

Good news! And the boots look fab...

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