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April 08, 2012

It's not Easter

Without those dark, late at night photos which are as about as fuzzy as your brain when you took them. Someday, SOMEDAY, I will learn and somehow get the kids to sleep early so the, er, Easter Bunny can come early and I can actually get some sleep on a holiday eve night.  

Laughing yet?  That's my late April Fools' joke!  Early to bed, as if...

So, we have a plethora of pics that look like this: 



It also looks like Christmas instead of Easter.  I did that thing that I always do where I buy stuff, hide it in random places, forget about it and then compile it all late at night and realize I've gone slightly overboard again.  Oops.

To be fair to myself, about half of these items are fun Easter treats from the grandparents, so I can't take all the credit. 

I also can't take credit for the egg hunt.  I'll spare you the video (you will thank me if you have motion sickness issues), as I clearly did not major in film production.  The iPhone is great for videos, just not when I am taking them...


Oh, and we also have many fun post-Church pics.  Cait and Kelsey sang in the choir, as expected and I only wish we could have been closer.  Twenty minutes early was not early enough and we ended up in the cry room. Not a bad view, but not as easy to concentrate and/or see them singing.  C'est la vie.  It was a good service, the music was beautiful and the day could not have been more gorgeous.


We finished up the afternoon with lunch at the Peking Gourmet Inn.  No, I really just didn't want to cook. The closer we get to Pete's deployment, the more we have to do.  I figured we'd spend as much at the grocery to buy food in preparation as we would at the restaurant, so why not just treat ourselves?  Pete got hooked on PGI after accompanying a certain 'former ambassador from somewhere over there to the U.S.' there on evenings out, as well as going several times while on the Secretary's Detail.   If you haven't been, GO, because there is Beef Proper, which is pretty much like food crack.  'Nuff said.  


The paparazza was getting to him.

Overall a fairly stress-free holiday, which is very good considering everything coming up (surgery a week from tomorrow...eep!).  Oh, and that Lenten going to bed early promise thing?  Well, I tried and actually succeeded on a few nights...but there is always next year, right?





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LOVE that last photo!!!!!

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