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April 09, 2012

Meet the President?

No, we didn't.  Have a blast at the 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll?  Absolutely!

I have wanted to go to the Easter Egg Roll for years, if not decades.  I remember being jealous as a child of those lucky-ducks who got to skip school (well, in a few cases) and head to Washington, DC, to roll Easter eggs on the lawn, maybe hang with the President and take home a souvenir egg after an afternoon of fun.

After eons of waiting, my dream came true today and I cannot say that I was disappointed in any, way, shape or form.  I am also extremely grateful I had the forethought not to wear 4 inch heels  (oh, yes, you should have seen the espadrilles on one woman). Thanks to my friend, Jen, we ended up scoring four tickets to the Egg Roll.  We nabbed the perfect time slot:  2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (so Nick could still go to school) and decided to give Nick a double-thrill by taking the Metro into the city.  


Peter took the afternoon off, met us at home and once we donned our Easter finery, we headed to Arlington and parked the car (far easier than in DC).  We took the train from Rosslyn to Metro Center and Nick just loved it. It was an easy walk to the White House and the line to get in was virtually non-existent.  We already had our wristbands, so we only had to pass through one security line and voila, and an eggstravaganza that would thrill any child (and many adults).


Almost too much to choose from...


Mrs. Bunny was a no-go for a photo-op with Nick.


Nick loves Martha, but this was as close as he felt like getting.


We posed for pictures (everywhere), rolled eggs, participated in the eggtivity zone,  listened to a concert by a favorite band (of Kelsey's), saw a TV star (well, from the Disney Channel...thank God Pete recognized her), ran around, sat on the grass, rolled around on the lawn, took more pictures and when all was said and done, exited the grounds to collect our wooden eggs.


Required family photo.


Let's roll!


Over quickly, but they loved it!
Comfy clothes were a very good idea....




A memory she will have for a very long time.


Kelsey and one of the stars from Shake It Up (in the background). 


Nothing like chilling on the White House lawn...


Madame President?


Possibly my favorite photo from the day.


The perfect souvenir.

Now Nick is even more intrigued and hopes for a return visit to see the inside of the White House. Well, one can dream, right?



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I am so glad you had a good time! What an adventure.
I am super jealous.

What a fabulous adventure!! How awesome that your family was able to go!! This is something I hope we can do one of these years we are in the area.

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